Therapist Reacts to The Grudge by Tool

You are awesome and very beautiful too. So the question I have for you if you review your comments is has any artist ever reached out to you regarding your reviews and thanked you or mentioned something along the lines of you being spot on to the message they were trying to deliver via their lyrics? Please respond if you can. Awesome work love your vibe the energy and how you try to help others find the guidance they may not know they need. :heart:

I hope you react to Megadeth song in my darkest hour

@heartsupport just know I love your reactions and as I’m dealing with a betrayal by my own daughter, something I never thought possible, this was a great one to help me try to find a way to the other side, which has been a struggle for a year now. Thank you

You cutting away at 9:20 right before the greatest scream ever recorded was a gut-punch lol - but as ever, a wonderful analysis and thank you for doing another great track and helping me rethink some of the messaging. Wonderful!

one of the longest screams in music

I loved your reaction - whacky in all the best ways.

damn I knew this girl would love Saturn ascending

The scream was about 25-26 seconds long. Which is the same time it takes Saturn to make a full revolution around the sun. So meaning you better have your shit together before Saturn comes back around

You’re not the coolest but you’re the realest therapist ever :heart_eyes:

Their lyrical content is deep and makes you think.

Try Tool - H…

I think the part about choosing one or ten is significant, as well, as I think it’s comparing a pointed finger to open arms. I find this song meaningful from the perspective of being inside a cycle of abuse, looking at the abuser and accepting the victim role, and then moving on and choosing to stop reciting the abuse narrative and take responsibility for your own actions. But that’s just how it hit me.

Shout out to the editor, not many people recognize the kabbalah reference 1 or 10. Malkuth or Kether

Wow, talking over one of the greatest finale of a song is really selfish, but whatever, great synopsis.:herb::cherry_blossom:

I’m really surprised the five second back tap isn’t used any longer. It must not work for the algorithm.:herb::cherry_blossom:

9:18. :laughing::herb::cherry_blossom:

I liked your thoughts about realizing you still have choice even if choices were taken away from you in the past. It’s a hard hurdle to get through but being aware of that pattern is liberating (and scary, in a good way)

Guys i think shes ready for Maynards mom trilogy.