Therapist Reacts to The Hu - Wolf Totem

There is a version with the singer of Papa Roach

They did a remix with Jaocoby Shaddix and Papa Roach. Definitely worth a listen.

Need to react to The Hu featuring Lizzy Hale - Song of Women

I’ve seen The Hu a couple of times in Australia … what a great show …

These dudes were so incredible live

Love thjs song. Would you happen to check out bottom of the river- delta rae. Amazing song and performance

Mandolin, play in sin, fights to win, we will come in…
We are jammin’!!!
This is a wonderful spirit and soul guide groove… the version with the English language singer’s band joining in was fah king awesomeness!!!
Papa Roach i think maybe (?)

That instrument, it’s like a magnolian…

I’m glad I found the courage to battle my demons two years ago. Seeing your energy and the method that you approach this subject fuels me to NEVER back down! SUBSCRIBED!

The best reaction i ever scene

we need something from Heilung on this channel

This song helped me with comeing to the truth with the fact that i was violently and brutally raped and molested by a guy that was over 50 years old when i was 15 years old and spent over 21 years trying to convince myself it wasn’t true but this song after hearing it and reading lyrics in english it helped me in realizing i have to admit its true and tale people and fight it rather than just hideing in a dark corner waiting to die

she should turn on subtitles for this

You need to hear Bloodywood

British term for mouth opened in shock :


Some of the most believable lyrics ever spoken