Therapist Reacts to The Outsider by A Perfect Circle

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Therapist delves into the powerful lyrics of “Outsider” by A Perfect Circle, exploring themes of addiction and struggle from an outside perspective. Discover how true support requires us to step inside someone’s soul instead of just their sole. This analysis offers insights into the complexities of addiction and the importance of empathy in helping those we care about.


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I really feel this song…

Everything Maynard writes is pure gold!

Really enjoy your reactions and content! Thanks for what you do!

Love your channel…

Fyi, if you are looking for a ren song that is rarely reacted to then try “Sick boi part 2”

One of my favorite tracks from A Perfect Circle. This song is one of that reminds me of one of my best friends who started using drugs and ruined their life. It is still really hard not to try to help them even though I know they won’t change. Check out Auger - My Guardian if you have time.

“My prayers were answered” :smiley:

To me, the girls are trying to prove the normal people were right. They have been told they are losers since they were little, and at this point that is all they can believe. Since I’m a loser, I will act like one and the straight world will feel vindicated.

Do Thirteenth step! The package and the noose!

Hey there my favorite therapist. So I’m will be 9 years sober June 28th. For my sobriety birthday can u please react to Fear Campaign by my favorite metal band Fear Factory. I do think it’s a good one. Fear is a killer for us addicts and I think u can do many a favor by discussing the broad perspective on it. Thanks. Love ur work and the channel

Good song! Shes gonna transcend by the time she’s listened to all this progressive rock :rofl:

Ha! I had no idea this was the official video for this song! It seems so out of character for APC. I always thought it was a fan-made video because the fandom is so intense that the lines get blurred sometimes. This is hilarious!

Please check out Hickory Creek by Whitechapel. The whole album is therapy gold.

Passive next…

please check out A perfect Circle - Pet ^^

You should really check the video of this exact song, but song… “Live at Red Rocks.” The album was called Stone & Echo. I listed to the album every day for like a year straight.

I’m a HUGE fan of Maynard. My favorite band is Tool. A Perfect Circle would probably also make my top 5. Both bands are awesome. You know, Maynard is also in a THIRD band, Puscifer.

Love your channel! I’ve been following for quite some time! I don’t think I’ve ever commented though…

I think I do similar work that you do, except I’m a pagan priest! Thanks for all the videos! Blessed Be my friend! :wink:

Chinchilla - 1:5 released Would be really nice to see her on the channel. Thanks for today’s vid

Love the channel. Please do For Joe and Chalk Outlines by Ren. Especially Chalk Outlines. You will resonate with it quite a bit.

It’s also a doze of Maynard’s sense of humor