Therapist Reacts to The Outsider by A Perfect Circle

J fascista…

J fascista…

Yo oigo la misma mierda de usa

Cuál al sober?..

Im not 100% sure on how i feel about this analogy yet but thought i would dump it down:

I feel like the outsider is the addict, skirting on the outside of functioning while self destructing. There is a wall that is either imagined or invisible between them and the one deviating is placing themselves further and further outside of that imaginary wall. That wall could be partially constructed from either perspective but there is some interesting imagery to play with there…

Please puscifer humbling river or green valley etc etc

I love watching a therapist jam out to this

Please do the song “Gravity” or The Noose?
You can really hear how beautiful he can sing!
It is like nothing you have heard before!!!


This is the most accurate and passionate breakdown I’ve ever heard of this song. What I love even more is that you were never distracted by the video. Well done

dual personality…

13th Step is an amazing concept album about addiction and it ends with the most perfect song “Gravity”. This album is honestly something so good its hard to put it in words

3 libras is a must!..

It’s a interesting opinion but the song is about Maynard watching his mother suffer for 10,000 days before her passing. ( Hence the Tool album) Judith was her name. Super religious and Maynard struggled with her faith. God would save her. It’s also about addiction that she suffered from. But God would save her. He had a hard time with that.

“A known hell is more comforting than an unknown heaven.”

One thing about Tool/APC/Puscifer videos…
The imagary has nothing to do with the lyrics.

More A Perfect Circle!!!.

“Do it somewhere far away from here”