Therapist Reacts to The Outsider by A Perfect Circle

The album is called 13 steps!

Gotta stop watching these videos on a first reaction!

Have you heard Jenny from Nothimg More? Pretty straight forward song as far as lyrics go, but very powerful, especially the video. I come from a long line of addicts. Been definitely a challenge to not follow suit.

The NOSE is a great, lesser known song by them and very deep

I’d really love for you to react to the new Jelly ROll & Joyner Lucas song “Best for Me.” It is the best description I’'ve ever heard of both sides of the addiction story.

I highly recommend not watching the music videos. There are plenty of lyric videos out there that are less distracting and better help one pay attention to the heart of the song. This one was pretty self-explanatory, but many Tool videos do not align with the lyrics and can cause frustration.

based on Maynard’s own explanation of this song you nailed it

Please do a combination of Tool’s Jimmy, then APC’s Judith then Wings for Marie/10,000 days. tells the story of Maynard’s mother’s tragedy and how it affected him, his trying understand her perspective then his introspection after she passes away. Its an exercise in processing grief and selfishness. (i sent a donation)

You should react to the band Loathe and their song, “Is it Really You?”

“The desire to be right inhibits the connection”…That is absolutely magical, holy shit, how true!! Oh and man oh man what an effin voice!!

The video ruins it…

I bought this album on release date. Today I learned they made a music video for it.

IMO the video does not due the song any justice. Just a distraction to the song. Great analysis however!

so glad I found these videos! Thank you for continuing to do them

Love Maynard, A Perfect Circle, your analysis and the lacy top Ms Palmby. :slight_smile: Keep it up and enjoy!

I feel the opposite when it comes to being the Outside. This outsider strikes me as someone that has gone to the mat for them. The outsider is watching a friend totally self distruck and try as you might there’s nothing you can do, so as a last ditch effort you go 120% tough love cause you gotta call the bluff before the suicidal imbecile gets too deep into that destructive persona and fulfills the profecy. It might cost you the friendship but you could save the person. I’ve actually been in that situation before on several occasions. You owe it to them to be honest and give it to them as such. That hurts to hear and some shit will ensure, but if that’s your homeboy or homegirl you fickin owe it to them. They usually grow to respect it down the road, but not all of them. Sometimes you gotta hit someone with a sledgehammer to get their attention (figuratively speaking of course)

Try Judith by APC and Wings pt 1 and 2 by Tool. It’s very interesting how Maynard’s grief evolves.

The song could be in 4/4 and you wouldn’t dance on time and I’ve seen it. You’re like Elaine from Seinfeld :joy:

I lost my best friend to overdose. The last time I saw her in person, I told her, “I love you so much and know you are so much more than this, but I cannot walk this path with you while you do this to yourself. Just know, the second you are ready to get sober, I will walk every step of that journey with you, no matter how difficult it is. I have my kid and job to protect (I’m a nurse). Until then, I’m still a phone call away if you need me”. We spoke on the phone almost daily until the end…I wish there was more I could have done, I miss her every day. But, at least I’m still connected to her daughter. To others going through a similar situation, it’s okay to place boundaries, but don’t cut your loved one out. You never know when their or your last day may be. You don’t want your last words to be hate filled. :heart:

This chick gets it…