Therapist Reacts to THE POT by TOOL

Best name for a band that constantly has you looking deep within yourself after every song.

Look up what “weeping shades of cozen indigo” means…it’s interesting.

Eye hole deep in muddy water is like saying you’re not Jesus

The bass on this song is so stupid good

Love how you get the face . You gotta see em live . Sweaty loud and really good

I love how smart u are and catch every detail in all ur reactions.very intelligent girl with good taste:D

I’m a huge Tool fan, and I found your channel because of the Tool videos, but it took me a stupidly long time to smell what you’re cooking. It smells good, though, and now I’m subscribed. And as far as Tool goes, getting their music out there to more folk is a good thing for all concerned. AND you’re adding value.

This fine lady is all chaos and I love it.

bottom is my favorite song by them

You made me think about this song in a new way after so so many years of listening. That’s awesome. Thank you.

Tool is a musical experience, one of my favorite bands for over 20 years now. Maynard is an animal, I believe he’s a black belt in bjj, has a restaraunt, and a vineyard. Amazing human being!

Tools creative process is so amazing. The band creates the music. Then Maynard puts his lyrics in and BOOM gold…

the pot calling the kettle black perhaps

this review is what every tool fan wants too hear non tool fans too hear its not about drugs but that’s what they hear lmao

Please try Opeth…

People make bad choices when they fuck someone over , usually disregarding the feelings for yourself, this same person will always be dishonest about your feelings just as distant as people who you don’t even know!! Hence you must have been high , high reference to being not all there .
But don’t forget that you have just fkd over the mouth that is feeding you. You must of been really fkd up to think that way, but about me … I’ve live in this hornets nest that you just kicked . This song is about shedding skin , Actually the whole album is about digging deep into your heart to peel the bandaid , and take forward steps. But this song is a shotgun blast and in the air saying …really???