Therapist reacts to The Tale of Jenny and Screech by Ren

you need to check out some paleface swiss, i feel like you could get alot out of it!

Running commentary in these reactions is that this video is a “good” trauma indicator. You can tell what kind of trauma the reactor has dealt with by at which point the reactor starts dissociating.

Melted into the black night like snow - showing his innocence as a 14-ye living on-and-off the streets. Third-world-country story… set in Britain. Violence is a cycle - that is indeed what this is about.

Can’t wait for your analysis’ of Jimmy’s Dad in “Money game part 3”. Don’t worry it is not a necessity to do parts 1 and 2 and 3 back to back to back lol. Also, since you did “suicide”, am.anxious for you to see the continuation in “For Joe”. Other songs that I think of for you off the top of my head include his collaborations with Chinchilla “Chalk Outlines” and “How to be Me”. Keep up the GREAT work. I love how passionately express yourself

On the subject of domestic violence, empowering yourself etc, hope you check out Chinchilla’s “fingers (live)” and “Little Girl gone”

Thank you thank you for going back and doing it as a Complete work​:heart::blush:

Angry comments go BRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Your take on all of it is on point, amazing you could do that in one listen.

It was a fantastic reaction. Thank you so much shared with the rabbit hole.

A modern-day Greek tragedy performed by a modern-day bard. Love your reaction, and I love watching you delve deeper into the Ren Rabbit Hole. Can’t wait to see what you react to next. :grinning:

Love your reactions so much! This was such a heartbreaker the first time we all watched this triology.
Please PLEASE react to Money game by ren parts 1,2 and 3 (all together), it’s another heartbreaker and lesson :slight_smile:

Its clearly implied that Jenny was a prostitute. Two children paying the price for what was not their fault

One of the best camera shots ever - the pan up into the spiral staircase as he sings “She never stood a chance”. The spiral representing the never ending cycle of violence. Just perfect.

Lol!!! We the people are insane sometimes.

I have to admit I switched off when you first started you’re previous showing of Jenny’s tail as you had said you went through the script with you’re team before hand. Which now as you can see would have detracted from the impact of the compleation of all 3 of them when compleated together without knowing the ending. But thankfully when this popped up in my feed this morning I gave it another look as it being 36+ minutes long got me wondering. (It’s the mental collaps and reconstruction we come to watch on this one)
Great to see you listened to others advice doing the 2nd 2 blind. Loved the reaction along with the breakdown. Ren has such depth and moves our minds the same way as the rubix cube he mastered as a youngster. He’s helped so many see things and feel things in different ways and people like you help too. Thank you for that :heart:

They were both 14…:cry:

Thank you :mending_heart:

Patrick doesn´t respond and his girlfriend is “busy”… yeah, right.

I have not thought about it being a story that has follow up sequels. Ren is so deep. It’s so cool he made stories but of very horrible things but they need to be spoken of. :heart: great job! Ren - as always! You - amazing analysis. Interesting view from a therapists side.

What a great reaction…