Therapist reacts to The Tale of Jenny and Screech by Ren

14:59 The shadow on the wall is the human silhouette from a gun range.

if the legal system worked then stevie would be in prison for killing violet. jenny and screech would have been put into the system and its so sad … multi generation

side note : 35:05 was Patrick “busy” with screeches girl? while he was trying to reach them both?..

Have you ever listened to Twenty One Pilots. They has so many mental health & struggle with belief songs. Its just 2 guys.

I’m sorry but I feel like you read Ren all wrong, it’s not as complicated as you are making it

Well just short of halfway through this video you mentioned commenting if we might be in a cycle of violence and while I’ve never been violent myself, I have caught myself addressing situations with involving anger with physical acts (against my own property), mind you that was when I was younger. Now I just don’t react and have re-directed my anger in to a darker humour, usually at my own loss but it is a coping mechanism. I’m in therapy and have been for around 5 years and much more when I was a kid, although it wasn’t my choice as a kid and was due to being passed around in the foster system. I reckon this won’t be seen because there are a lot of comments to sift through, and that’s fine as well - after all I am trying and I’m sure eventually I can find some form of help that helps. I guess if I were to be raw and put it all on the table, it is disappointing that in my 30s with an amazing girlfriend and our kiddo I feel like I’m constantly drowning in my own issues, that I don’t know how to be a healthy partner or a great role model for the youngster, it just compounds and I feel scattered.

:sweat_smile: sound like you just wrote a song

Wrens making us all think and feel stuff

Satellite Screech need more spankings as a child

It’s that God damn Ren’s fault he thought it up and now we’re all living in it over and over and over thank you Ren

How do you find out the Violet was Screech or Jenny’s mom

How did you come up with all that

Do you think these are people that rent seen in his childhood growing up

In all fairness you only heard a slim slice of her life

In childhood Oliver breaks her little I think it’s some point

:sweat_smile: who are you talking to when you said I love you the victim or the perpetrator

I’m not sure a social media is the place to voice those things that you were saying it could be dangerous

And let’s not forget that 14yo Jenny walked the streets thousand times during night on high heels. That implies her life was far from OK as well. Prostitution, I guess. The lives of both of them were tragically affected by the their mother’s terrible fate. Ren is indeed true Shakespeare’s descendant.

I think your feelings show us that your falling in love with ren

Another thing about Ren is Ren comes before Samuel in the alphabet yet???

Thank you for your content, I know and appreciate Ren for a while, before he began a solo carrier and performed with his band called “The big push”. I’m sorry but I really dont agree when you said “Police officer have no choice cose Screech run at him like an animal possessed” (sorry I’m french just trying to transcript what you said) My point is : don’t blame animals for human behaviour, instead that we are animals, it’s steel be an human running violently vs an other human. I try to be clear, but my english is terrible, anyway just trying to tell that human violence is just human violence.