Therapist reacts to The Tale of Jenny and Screech by Ren

‘Context creates compassion.’ Great line.

Lady, I wish you would read up on testosterone, male puberty and the special (as in different from girls’) guidance some boys need more of than others. Missing a good role model, which kinda has to be a good man, all boys get lost, but some of course more than others. Sometimes the environment is only half bad, sometimes the boy in question is more or less resilient, but that drive, that intense, unbelievable amount of energy you feel at that age… boy, does that need guidance.

4:02 and about 12:30 had me a little baffled. (I now stopped at 12:38)

For some of us, the violence was(is the only defense we ever had. After awhile you find comfort in it. Yet very short lived when you see the pain you cause in the people you care about. HeartSupport

Happy from NF…

I’m only at Screech’s Tale in your video. I heard you say in the other one that you check out the lyrics beforehand. I HOPE you didn’t do it in this case. I guess I’ll find out soon. LOL. In fact I wish you wouldn’t do it in ANY Ren song. I personally prefer BLIND reactions. But that’s just me.

Id say i think that a thing we don’t acknowledge is Jenny’s age. The way that ren states that James is only 14 years old and admits he’s a criminal. Jen is the same age and I believe the intention is to say she’s a hooker. And at 14, definitely not cool, but might explain why she feels bad about herself

I’m a survivor of CSA. The first time I heard, “Every night he’d tuck her tight, but never left the room” I had to pause the video because it hit me so hard. Most reactors don’t get what that means… at least not on the first lesson.

I’ve seen dozens of reactions to this tragic tale and yours is my favourite. Being that you’re a mental health professional, it was interesting to see you progress through the tale to finally realise the most tragic end and see your emotions come through as well as your professional opinion. Good to see people still feeling. It’s a very powerful piece of music and Ren is quite the musical genius!

I enjoyed this reaction, I wish you hadn’t pretended that you were watching it for the first time though

The biggest take from this:
When we don’t have compassion, we probably lack context!

I thi k I have borderline personality but when I asked for help and told this my my mental health nurse she was more focused on changing everything I was saying so I couldn’t tell her everything I was feeling and she shut me down said she more focused on getting me comfortable with my emotions rather than basically finding the reson for them and I was terrified for years to ask for the help and thats the result now I feel trapped and terrified one cos idk how ima get the help I want 2 if I’m right ik how dangerous bpd can be and idk if or when ima hurt or kills sm1 either me or sm1 else with it cos ik its a chance and idk what to do anymore sm1 please help me please

I’m not going to read to see if anyone else has mentioned it. But if you go back Jenny was walking late at night in high heels and had cash. Hinting she was a prostitute. At the age of 14 so no matter where the babies landed once out of the hospital the cycle of life is built into our blood. It’s the true view on the circle of life. It’s not all rises and happy times. As in Hi Ren it’s a pendulum from the brightest of bright to the darkest of dark and there’s no control where we start or end on that swing. As long as we continue to believe that life is meant for making money and nothing more it’s never going to stop. I challenge everyone to change what they believe is valuable like NOT doing things should be worth more than those that rape the earth for resources. We have to change the thought before we can change the behaviors.

Girl. How much do you charge for zoom sessions!!:rofl::rofl: I’ve had real trouble finding a therapist to really connect with, one that I can respect their feedback, ya know? It’s rare that I hear a thought process that I haven’t already run through in my own head… but you gave me a different perspective to consider, and THAT’S what I need in my life!!! If you actually see this message… sign me up!!!