Therapist reacts to The Tale of Jenny and Screech by Ren

I find your personality and point of view to be so captivating

Ren is a modern day Max level Bard.

This is such a masterpiece on so many levels. You were able to identify the reality of the characters so that, you were able to evaluate the characters as real. This one definitely sucked her in.
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I had all the ACE’s except for incarceration. Ended up in an abusive relationship, hes in jail now, police took it out of my hands when i nearly had the same fate as violet. I was angry when they arrested him but im happy now that im free. I went back multiple times, its so hard to leave that part of your life when for so long its been your normal.

10 aces i grew up with 7or 8 of thrm

Things to perculate…

  1. Jenny, a 14 yr old orphan, was possibly a hooker. Lyrics: dark night, empty streets, dragging her feet (wearing high heels), she knew this town, she knew this floor, walked it a thousand times before. Screech knocking on Patrick’s door called her a lady, which means she was probably wearing makeup, making her look older.
  2. Violet’s dad who was sexually abusing her was probably the father of the twins. She left the house at 16, probably because she was impregnated and then met Stevie. Stevie was violent to her calling her a slut and a liar, when he killed her, she was 9 months pregnant.
  3. we can assume the twins were separated after birth and Violet’s death. Possibly put in foster care system or homes, bad enough where at 14 Jenny was hooking and Screech being a menace.
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Wow, you are very good…

Anyways, what do you do to help someone like screech?

I logically understand screech but I have a hard time caring about him, it seems like he purposely chose violence

There’s a lot of hints dropped in Jenny’s song about her “job”… the high heeled shoes, the time she gets off “work”, how she feels trapped by it. Just like her mother, she ended up being hurt from a very young age.

“Ren I’m upset”
Me: Ohhhh honey just wait.

“Behind every explosion of violence is an implosion of pain.” Great insight which I will attempt to remember

Calm down…

I have listened to this song maybe 20 times, the original and the rest reactions. It never occurred to me to leave a comment until this lady made me realized that I am a violent person. So…after crying for some time I know now I need to seek help and I will. Thank you kindly for the way you interpreted this song.

Likely they investigated the death and the father would be in jail. Unfortunately siblings get separated all to often when put into “the system” which is what seemingly happened in this case.

He is such a lyrical genius and a great story teller. As if you close your eye you see the story as it happens :heart:.

Ren - Screech’s instagram stories
Screech was desperate since the night he was born . .

I see this woman gets things done. holy god i love this person!

What do I do if I was Sexually Assulted by my brother??

A couple things often over looked (hidden subtext):

  1. Jenny was a teenage prostitute, that’s why she was in high heeled shoes and had walked the that street 1000 times before…
  2. Screech’s girlfriend and his boy Patrick were cheating on him, that’s why there was no answer at Patrick’s place and his girlfriend was “busy”…
  3. Violet is pregnant before she met stevie from the line, “she moved out at sixteen, a semi-detached council flat, paid by welfare scheme” means the government is paying children when they get pregnant.
  4. lastly, Violet got pregnant by her own dad, so jenny and screech’s dad was their own grandpa from the line, “every night he tucked her tight but never left the room. I spare you with the details, I’m sure her mother knew.” Probably explains why Stevie is mad at Violet because he realized the twin’s wasn’t his, explains the lines Stevie said “why you lying to me violet?” so with no regard to the welfare of the kids, he beats Violet to death.

this song is deep, and dark. Unfortunately, it’s happening as we speak.