Therapist reacts to Tool - Pneuma

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Therapist reacts to Pneuma by Tool to discuss the fundamental truth that we all have a light within us. Going through a dark time doesn’t disqualify us from having light but it may inform the type of light we have and the direction we should shine it.


check out descending next, the lirycs are more in your wheelhouse than neuma i believe

Danny Carey is one of my musical heroes. I’m from the same tiny town in Kansas that he’s from and seeing someone become a multi Grammy award winner from a town where you either get into meth or drink your life away… is pretty cool.

i love tool…

I expect some seriously confused dance moves

Hey thier my fav therapist. I hope all is well. So as always I was wondering if u could react to Fear Campaign by my favorite metal band Fear Factory for my 9th sober birthday on the 28th. I would be over the moon. Thank u and as always love the channel.

Have you done Culling Voices from this same album? I think based on your profession, you could add some great feedback on this one. Let me know what you think!

Now watch Danny’s drum camera video of the song and see the master in action. Hiss poly rhythms are insane.

the instrumental chorus i think is the depiction of the pneuma. pure and no words to describe it. its just is

So glad you have reacted to this. Figured it would be right in your wheelhouse. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of comments suggesting to check out the live drum cam version to see the full majesty of Danny Carey’s work.

Do you have any more Ren reactions coming down the line soon? “Money game part 3,” “Everybody’s drops,” “For Joe,” and “Do you believe” are just some of the song suggestions I hope you get to. Also, I would love to see your analysis of Chinchilla’s “1:5 (live)”. Peace

Parabol/Parabola must be done!!

Make sure you do them back to back, do not do the songs separately, it will not make sense and flow the way we all heard it. Tool

Oh hells yeah. The soothing notes of the opening guitar part. It immediately takes me somewhere, ya know? This is one of those much-needed songs that sort of calms me down when the world gets a little crazy. Helps my mind to escape in a way. Tool has always kinda had that effect on me though; that mental imagery through the music, ever since I first heard them in 1996. That’s my favorite thing about them.

I think “Parabol/Parabola” " or definitely “Pushit” would have been more up her alley. Remember she is a reaction therapist, not just a reaction channel

Tool has been the soundtrack of my life, tool has gotten me through some tough times

I’ve loved all your Tool reactions. Tool is one of my favorite bands. This whole album is a masterpiece. It really reminds me of a Pink Floyd album. In that, even though there aren’t a lot of tracks. Every song is long and tells an epic story. Next you should check out “Invincible” and “Descending” back to back. They both compliment each other, and I think you would enjoy them. For fun you should check out the drum-cam video of Danny Carey playing this song live.

It’s a pity it wasn’t a drum cam video

Go watch the drum cam of that song! :slight_smile:

I know you watch these to react to the lyrics and meaning but if you get a chance there is a video of the drummer playing this and it is INSANE

My 2nd favorite Tool song :slight_smile: If you’re interested in more “positive” Tool, check out Lateralus (their best song, btw).