Therapist reacts to Tool - Pneuma

some even possess infrared or x-ray capabilities :slight_smile:

You were so VERY close to saying it when you were talking about “spark” and “child, release the light.”

This is a reference to the songs 10,000 Days and Wings for Marie (tribute to his mother who passed) off of the 10,000 Days album. Where in Maynard sings the lyrics “and this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine to light your way home.”

Maynard’s mother has an aneurysm and was paralyzed for roughly 10,000 days before she passed. Throughout that time she maintained her faith, which was the source of a lot of anger and frustration out of Maynard. Those feelings can be heard on songs with A Perfect Circle…namely Judith.

As you are a therapist, you might check out jimmy (Maynard talking to and reconciling with his child self) and the above mentioned songs Judith, 10,000 Days, and Wings for Marie.

I’d love to see you do a deep dive into Tool’s “Jimmy”. The childhood trauma, therapeutic recovery and adult thriving are breathtaking.

Turn it up loud and use a subwoofer and it is epic

awful, tbh:D…

Wow! She shared a lot of her own personal life experiences in this video! I don’t think I have heard her get that personal before. Glad she’s digging Tool!

Lovee the therapy I have while watching your videos. Greetings from Guatemala

Great take. IMHO, this is how Tool (especially since Ænima) should be introduced. Killer!

PNEUMA, only “The Drum Cam” Video.

Anyone who has researched NDE’S knows that the concept of the idea of soul is indeed real. Be kind to others regardless of those who make it difficult. We are all part of the source/God.

Therapist aren’t robots. It’s nice to see someone be them self.Thank you

I don’t mean to pick on you but it’s funny to watch someone try to dance to Tool’s asymmetrical tempos.

Let’s just take a minute and appreciate D.C. fucking legend

4:36 … everyone trying to find the 1.

All this pain is an illlluuussssioooonnn

Yo that Intro…

I wish I could hear this song for the first time again. LUCKY