Therapist reacts to Top 10 staTues tHat CriEd bloOdSong by Bring Me the Horizon

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Therapist analyzes lyrics to Top 10 Statues That Cried Blood by Bring Me The Horizon to talk about how your love is the unique antidote to your suffering. We need the love of others to help us, but OUR love has the unique secret sauce that we need to complete the loop on our healing.


HELL YEAH, Best song of the ep

Been waiting for this one

Your energy is awesome. :love_you_gesture:t4:

I’m watching this at 11:55pm

no you look exactly like you listen to metal, were not as scary as everyone thinks

This is awesome :heart: can you do some architects song?

Hey there my favorite therapist. Another great episode. So as I’ve asked before could u please for my 9th sober birthday react to Fear Campaign by Fear Factory. I think it’s a banger and u can talk about how Fear affects us all. Thanks for all the great videos. Oh year my sober bday is June 28th.

Please react to something the plot in you you would have a field day with landons writing, he has a lot of songs about trauma and addiction. To me the heavy hitters are songs like closure, freed, time changes everything. They might bring the numbers that bmth does but they are a band that deserves some attention, the lyric writing is just unparalleled.

You must listen to invent, animate
Lyrically beautiful. Musically lovely

One of my favorite songs out of the album :blush:

You need to check “dig it” from this album!

is it me or dose Olly keep getting better and better every song and metal people don’t care how you look anyone is welcome when i got in to metal i was so welcome in to the family

I know I have seen some other people recommend it on some of your videos but please please please react to “dig it” from this album! It’s incredible and it’s something you will love and can really get your teeth into lyric wise :slight_smile:

As soon as you start talking I start tearing up. You’re so passionate and it hits me right in the heart. I’ve been in a really bad place for almost a year and this album is cathartic for me, especially this song and LosT. Also, love how much you love BMTH! You’re awesome. :purple_heart:

This song is so catchy and a great message. BANGER

Recommendation: Sleep Token “Take Me Back to Eden.”

Oli did recently say in an interview that this album is supposed to have more of a hopeful theme and be about learning to love himself

The photo reminds me of Jack Off Jill. You might want to check out their song “Strawberry Gashes.” It might be relevant to your journey and channel.

Going to get alot of hate for this but oh well. Bmth is not what they once were. Way better when they were putting out songs like Diamonds Aren’t Forever. Any of there new stuff cant do it.