Therapist reacts to Top 10 staTues tHat CriEd bloOdSong by Bring Me the Horizon

Amazing and genuine reaction

Need to check out some Movements. Based on your profession, I think full circle is a good one to start with.

Your analyses always open the floodgates for me, I could probably use some therapy. :sweat_smile::joy:

You really have to listen to N/A its my favorite song on the album and i think it would fit well here

Incredible breakdown about self love in this video! Great song and analysis!

Music when it connect it can be a huge motivation to see-realise their situation and say i am ready to make change

I give my therapist music homework after every session and his new homework is to listen to this album start to finish without stopping haha.

Love your smile…

Never heard this perspective of love. Those sentences helps me more in 12 minutes than the last year of therapy. Wow thank you

Your reactions are so natural I loved it !!!

Self love= non accessible so fuck it I’d rather die lol

I most certainly can say that BMTH pulled me out of rock bottom and saved me from the darkest place after a painful experience , this song is the best to depict that it is ok to seek help but our love is what needs to pulls us through and it was so cathartic to me that I was in tears when it released

Just found you, you’re fun. I’m happy I found your channel. Cheers!

Let’s check song from bmth with sigrid, sorry my english so bad :joy:

react to sTraNgeRs plzz…

I’m actually shocked to not see “doomed” or “sleepwalking” in the bmth playlist

I think this is the best song on this album, both melodically and (especially) lyrically.

do Youtopia please:)…