Therapist Reacts to Troubles by Ren

He mentions excallibur in Murderer

fun times! if you want to hear Pain check out seven sins by Ren the sound and words are perfect to describe Pain! eitherway hugs and cant wait for the next

Late to the video but the comment about self harm. I hadn’t had a way to really explain it before, like why I did it and why I struggle with trying not to relapse. But it really is the relief in being the one to inflict my own pain in a world of uncontrollable stuff, thank you for allowing me a way to better communicate my feelings.

Please check out and react to the acoustic version of Troubles. Very different vibe.

@heartsupport, I was so happy when Ren put this song of hope out there for all who need to hear it, including myself. Instead of typing all over again what I wrote to Ren, I’ll just copy and paste the comment I wrote to him about this song. It starts off like this: I doubt if you see this comment, but thank you so very much for making a song about Lyme Disease and M.E. I just discovered your music and exceptional talent about six months ago, and so happy and grateful I did because you gave me hope when I was hopeless. You see, my husband of 48 years just discovered after many many years of being bounced back and forth like a ping pong ball that he has Lyme Disease. We are still trying to find help for his illness because so far doctors just brush us away like trash. They keep telling us that there is nothing that can be done to help him. Right now he is bedridden from not only the Lyme Disease but Guillain Barre Syndrome which is also an autoimmune disorder. I have been his full time caregiver for the last 50 years. He is in excruciating pain every day of his life and can no longer function. Not long ago the pain got so bad he couldn’t eat or sleep and started wasting away. He is 6’ tall and dropped down to only 100lbs so they put him on Hospice because he was so close to death. He was on Hospice for three years and they helped him put the weight back on and helped with pain management. They have now taken him off Hospice because in their own words “he was taking too long to die.” So we are right back in the same situation again. So now he only has me to help him. I can only do so much by myself. I don’t know where to turn. I have my own issues. I suffer from anxiety, depression, caregiver burnout, and severe PTSD from finding my younger brother that took his life. That sight is burned in my brain forever. I also have M.E. which doctors think is all in my mind. Health care sucks where I live.

I didn’t mean to go on and on like this, so please except my apologies .I just wanted you to know that I appreciate the awareness you are bringing to autoimmune disorders, as well as mental health. You are the voice for all who suffer from these illnesses doctors won’t address. I hope you are doing well now that you have found a doctor willing to treat your illness. I love your music, and I hope your song “Troubles” reaches the top 40!! Much peace and respect to you!

I would also like to thank you @heartsupport for all you do to help those with mental health issues. It is a very taboo subject that people keep inside and just let it keep festering till it’s too late. I truly appreciate this channel and all your analysis you give to those of us with different issues, and for trying to help instead of ignore. Most of us are treated very badly from the health care system who are suppose to be there for us. God bless you!

So glad I found your channel! Love your reactions and your insight :blush:

you HAVE to react to the aucustic version!

react to troubles acoustic

I wish I knew what would need to happen, for things to turn around.

You Must at least watch his acoustic version of this!!!
He excells in a Big Way with All his acoustic versions!

I feel the whole song. Been ill my whole life. But since i found ren, i don’t feel as much alone as before.:heart:to everybody

Normally I don’t comment but… can you react to Ren’s song Crutch with Bibi? It resonates in my soul with my chronic pain

just found this channel. love the whole thing but the your message at the end hit me.

At 8:55 … couldnt be more obvious… smiling so big to keep from crying! :blush:

the acoustic version is amazing… react pleaaaaseeee

Ren turns lead into gold :sparkles:

I had no hope for the first 27 years of my life. Then I commit suicide, died, and had to be brought back to life 3 times. I feel a lot of pain and have experienced some really nasty stuff in my life. When I woke up from my deaths, I was changed and had hope. Music is my life and it totally caused the ice to thaw. Ren’s music is relatively new to me and I wish I had it in my darkest moments. I now have hope and have mostly overcome my traumas and CPTSD.

I don’t know where to go. And I’m scared to give up again. I have so much relying on me and I don’t know who to unpack with