Therapist Reacts to Troubles by Ren

Ren has done more already than many in a full lifespan. He has gained resilience and wisdom beyond his years. The main take out of this song is that even when you don’t see the end of suffering or the solution or the meaning and no way out… that it’s not forever… especially hard to believe when in the spiralling PIT but oh so important to be reminded that there is a way out.

Ren says this in “Suicide” “Draw for the sword then drive through the armor”

I think a few Ren tracks you are notoriously missing are Chalk Outlines (ft Chinchilla) and Crutch (ft Bibi)

The more I listen to Ren, it seems to me his life is something like a modern day version of Job. This world tells you that hope is a “maybe” thing. Hope is a surety. Hang onto it. It’ll come

This was so contrived!!!

Ren is done with god shit

you gotta do for joe…