Therapist Reacts to Troubles by Ren

I have rheumatoid arthritis
Which is autoimmune disease
My body is fiercely attacking itself
I can barely walk most days or grip my cup of coffee
I hate having to explain my pain because I’m slow and sometimes just can’t do things
I’ll be crippled one day
My boss always rolls her eyes and says
It’s always something with you

I also live with her
I’m a live in housekeeper
I don’t talk about my pain with her anymore but I always feel the need to because i simply cannot do anymore

I don’t have ins and suffer without medication
She really affects me more than I say

Idk if I’ll ever have relief
But depression just follows hopelessness

But ren does give me hope
I’m so proud of him

What would bring me redemption in life now, is holding my 10 month old son! I haven’t seen him for 10 weeks now, after the mother of my child (my ex partner) is keeping him from me. She had me arrested from lying to the police after she had physically assaulted me. She is also living in the house that is both of ours, and that I am still having to pay for, because if I don’t, then my son will be without a roof over his head. I’ve already missed his first Christmas, probably missed his first words, him crawling for the first time and will miss out on spending my first father’s day with him.

I’m at a place where giving up is close, but I keep looking at the photos I have of him crying, in hope of seeing him again. Even though I know that when I do see him, he won’t recognise me :cry::broken_heart:

This song has ALOT of similarities with my life. My father got put in hospital with a multitude of psychopatic traits when I was in third grade. I have several autoimmune diseases, and are rapid cycling bipolar.
After being treated for PTSD in my late thirties I managed to turn things around. Now I have a drivers licence, work nightshifts in healthcare and so on.

I’m Norwegian, and I have benefited greatly from our safety net.

In away that most feel ashamed and confusion,this man has shown away to turn the shame into a strength you can be proud of,and a path to understandin. Most of all he has given alot of hope to put take this barely standing frame of life and turn it into untouchable castle. Respect…

P.S. It’s on his Renmakesstuff channel instead of his Renmakesmusic channel.

Please watch Ren’s Chapter’s 1-8. You can react or not! Just watch them! This man has literally changed my life!

I can tell by the way you are that my problems are insignificant compared to those are assisting. If I ever scheduled a session with you I’d be taking away from those who need it more than I.

He talks about the sword and stone in a few songs

You should do Adam’s Song by Blink 182

Like Rocky lll, RENs is “a journey through hardship to beat his opponent. But within its initial layer, there is also a hidden theme of loss, motivation, fear, desire, and the fiery symbol of human hope.” I’m left with chills and tears streaming down my face. This feels very much like a companion to Hi Ren- which was created and released right before he left for Canada for treatment. Troubles was inspired by Trouble So Hard which Ren got the permission to sample for this song. It’s encapsulates his journey from Day one to now.
I’m at the point of just waiting out my days. I’m 57 and this has gone on since before 2016. 2017 and I was bed bound. My family went about doing everything only I was left alone, in my bed tomb. I told my neurologist that I had zero quality of life and just wanted to die. Well, I ended up with an EMT and a cop to transport me to the hospital ( psych ward). As an American who isn’t self employed and therefore self insured who pays $24k / year just to be insured. So I ended up handcuffed behind my back and placed in the back of a police car and dumped in a back room of the ER- where I sat alone for 7+ hours before being admitted. The psych intake nurse stopped midway through ( because NONE of my meds were familiar because they were not psych meds , they were for cluster headaches, atypical migraines, and occipital neuralgia headaches ( aka, suicide headaches). My deductible was blown so I made an appointment with a top neurologist who specializes in headache disorders. MRI… 9mm brain bleed. The protocol I was on shot my bp so high that it was abruptly stopped for fear that I would have a stroke.
Even with insurance, in the US doctor visit=$, specialists =$$, tests, tests, more tests = $$$.
Answers = 0

Please do Chalk Outlines Live, Ren x Chinchilla. It deals with the medication side of his Troubles. :pray: You won’t be sorry

Anyone who hasn’t, needs to watch the Chapters. He opens up and tells his entire story, because, as he said, when he was going through it, there were no stories of hope so he wanted to give a story of hope to someone who may be going through the same struggles. He talks a lot about the struggle and hoping for it to all end. Its an amazing lead up to this release

Yes he likes the Excalibur Sword several times. It’s a great synonym for virtually impossible.

Thank you for this. I came back for a second view because I needed to hear your words at the end. For that, thank you.

Ren actully did cut a hole in his chest. He found and kept smashing a TV. He took a piece of glass feom the TV home and decided to cut a hole in his chest to feel “something”. That line hurts more because it’s true.

Ren actully did cut a hole in his chest. He found and kept smashing a TV. He took a piece of glass feom the TV home and decided to cut a hole in his chest to feel “something”. That line hurts more because it’s true.

Have you listen/watch Rens chapters? His life story. 8 chapters.

Ren does bring up the Excalibur sword in his other songs and a lot of boxing stuff too. Believe it was his song Murderer and some other ones as well.

thank you for reacting and thus raising awareness for ME​:blue_heart::reminder_ribbon:

Excalibur is in the Murderer.