Therapist reacts to Vicarious by Tool

Watching you happily bopping along when the song starts to the complete contrast in expression when the imagery starts - gold

I’m pretty impressed with how well she expresses what’s being said in the song. I wonder if Maynard would agree or try to fuck with her and blow her whole theory up lol

To me the lyrics symbolise less of a personal journey into psyche more than it is a commentary on the world as it is. Media brainwashing reaching a point where people get hooked on the suffering of others. Media outlets utilising a baser, more barbarian part of humanity to get ratings. You get more of a reaction out of negativity than you would out of positivity, its an exploration of modern media reporting, incentivising consumption and turning us all into parasitic beings feeding off of others suffering.

Tool has off beat time signatures so finding the beat is not easily done. This is done so you have to focus more on the art of the Music.

It’s a bit of a shame that Adam kinda dropped off on making music videos. That was always such a crucial element to the aesthetic universe of those albums. This one is alright…but the circa 2006 CGI really dates it unfortunately. Still good though! But I do miss the videos for the Ænima album in particular. Using stop motion while incorporating elements like rippling water and refracting light was SO impressive on artistic terms…and created such a visually fascinating world. Lateralus had some excellent videos too, that likewise mirror the sonic vibe of that album. I wonder why Adam just kinda stopped doing all that. It always seemed to me like that was maybe the part of the band he actually enjoyed the most.

It’s wonderful to see someone actually understand the depth of the lyrics. Very refreshing.
I would also recommend Maynard’s other 2 projects; A Perfect Circle & Puscifer. Maynard’s mind is a wonderful ride. New subscriber💙

Social media is a sickness, limited exposure over time makes you immune to the sickness! Get out of your phone and talk to PEOPLE! There are lots of cool people out in the wild.

H, Jimmy, and Third Eye are songs from Aenima that are very well connected. It would be really interesting to watch a reaction to them from the perspective of a therapist.

do your research on maynard and then this song will make more sense.

I love your choices in reactions and you have beautiful eyes

lol… Lateralus, please!! Then The Grudge,

are you just reading what some one wrote or you urself wrote or you just expressing as it happens

i mean she seems like she is pretty

was it just me or do you guys think he was talking to her on the second time she started the song

This may be one of my favorite TOOL songs because my professional work revolves around working with tragedies in literature. As all their songs, so many possible interpretations: as others have noted, this song is as relevant today as it was when it was released. I think the massive surge in true crime entertainment is one example of this type of vicarious consumption, and there has been an emergent conversation examining to what degree the popularity of these shows, podcasts, documentaries, etc. are problematic? How should they be treated, and how should they be consumed?

I think this one of their most existential songs. Life is painful and to coexist with others that have denied that almost demeans the very nature of being.

My take away was never taking this at face value. It’s not about sadism but more about the sense of surviving in spite of tragedy. More specifically the the nature of responding to crisis. I stacked bodies in a nursing home at the beginning of COVID and as painful as it was there was a sense of absolute clarity and focus I’ve never felt before or since. There was a love and joy of function buried beneath the pain. There’s an affirmation of life that doesn’t exist in the mundanity of day to day function. The same reason people who work in the ER are always having sex with each other. It’s a reaction that drives you to reaffirm your own living presence in the face of a chaotic world

Imagine waiting for this album to come out. And now all these clowns think they are unearthing something

Semi unknown artist Amigo the Devils live performance of Cocaine and Abel is worth a listen.

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