Therapist reacts to Vicarious by Tool

Maynard would appreciate your interpretation, you have some great analogies.

Great analysis and reaction!!! Lateralus has to be soon!!!

13:33 “The Wolf you feed” (from the old indian tale…), would be on point to mention here I beleave :+1:

Could you please, please, please analyze DREDG - INFORMATION!! Thank you for sharing and teaching through your knowledge! Understanding Heals!

You should react to the song the grudge by tool, it’s amazing song about how grudges just hold us back

She’s good. If that was her first time listening to it she nailed most of the song. If she listens to it 100 more times she will get more. Tool is as deep as you want to go, it keeps going

Do “Lost Keys” and “Rosetta Stoned” by Tool in that order

I’ve played in bands for like 20 years. Now it’s just for fun, but I remember when I was in my 20’s and we were an aspiring band along with other aspiring bands. When one of them would get a better gig than us, I would get very jealous because I thought we were better. It was almost like it was just one day out of the blue, but I was like, I like those guys and I refuse to be jealous of the success of someone I like. I decided I’ll get my chance when the time is right and it made me much happier.

This song is about how we are walking zombies like a phone or a tv and social media and all technology can make a you space and numb to the pain , so you live your life almost enjoying pain as if pain is an entertainment

You are badass. Will you be my therapist?

Since you like progressive rock/metal I highly highly highly suggest checking out any song from Circa Survive’s second album On Letting Go. It’s a concept album about eliminating pain. Circa is one of if not the most underrated rock band ever.

Interesting…I don’t think like that regarding your social media pov. I dislike seeing others pain and I genuinely feel bad if they are hurt. And I genuinely feel joy for others, not envy or self disdainment.

Taylor, is it safe to say you are now a Tool fan? Welcome to Generation X’s biggest therapy session… Ongoing :joy:

Thank you, i was not sure about you at the start but, after watching and LISTENING to you… i have a flip in opinions. Amazing work!

This is the song that plays in my Head every time i see those videos on youtube that show Drones dropping Hand-Grenades on Soldiers in Ukraine or FPV drones hitting a russian tank.
“Cause i need to watch things die,
from a good safe distance.
Vicariaously I,
live while the whole world dies.
Much better you than I.”