Therapist reacts to Wage War - The River

If you like wage war check out their song johnny cash

Taylor i have another song you should break down serotonia by highly suspect .

In Due Time and Signal Fire by Killswitch Engage. That band got me through the worst of my days

Do the noose by the perfect circle

This is my favorite song from Wage War!

Never miss the chance to see Wage War Live‼️

I’ve had an on and off fling I guess you could say with a girl from work. I developed feelings for her but she didn’t want it to keep going, but she would always lead me on and we’d always relapse back into the habit. This went on for more than 2 years. I’d hear that she’d hang out with other guys, and anytime I wanted to spend time with her or talk to her she’d sometimes seem I was bothering her, I would back off then she’d come back to me.
The last straw actually involved Wage War. They were coming to Rochester with A Day To Remember for an all acoustic concert but I opted out to go because I called off too much from work. But if she woulda asked me I woulda definitely gone with her. She KNEW Wage War was my favorite band but instead of asking me to go with her she asked a married man who’s cheated on his wife to go with her instead… after that I dropped her like a bad habit. I blocked her on everything, Facebook, Snapchat, even her number. She always treated me like a second option and eventually I got sick of it. Since then my trust in people has been very shaken. I should’ve known better.

@heartsupport this is my jam. My marriage ended with a cheating spouse. I’ve been betrayed in that way in most of my relationships. I feel like i can no longer have these feelings anyone ever again. When i have tried to date, I just feel nothing, no connection. I’m still learning to trust myself again. I’ll see them at Welcome to Rockville this weekend in Daytona.

will you do one in the chamber by famous last words also will get you tons of views

The true bleghhhhhhh…

You should take a listen to The Swan Song by Kublai Khan, the message given is immaculate.

Thank you for this song and for this channel

This might be the best reaction to this song ever lmao

Hi, realy nice one…:+1:
May I suggest “FAUN ft. ELUVEITIE - GWYDION” , german pagan folk meets swiss folk metal, truely a masterpiece in my opinion…
Stay safe and greetz from Germany

These guys are pretty good live. I saw them when they opened for slipknot a couple years ago.

And now that we have gotten to the end of the song…yes…I have been there and I thank you for your wise words…it helped a lot…

OMG your name is Taylor, too?? I’ve been watching your reaction videos to Sleep Token, but Wage War is another one of favorite bands!! TWINSIES!!

You should listen to still alive by a Japanese metal band called dexcore

Upheaval by orbit culture is also amazing

Saw by orbit culture, and while we serve by orbit culture, also the veteran by memoriam are amazing songs you should check out.