Therapist reacts to Wage War - The River

cough cough BLEGH!..

Love her mannerisms lol…

End (The Other Side) by Fit For a King is super powerful. It’s about when the vocalists wife was critically ill and his perspective of helplessly watching her die and begging her not to go

Love this song. Please react to What I Would Give by Angelmaker its my current state of mind and i am struggling.

You really gotta check out something from Boundaries - Burying Brightness (Album) or Your receding warmth(Album) or his new album Death is little more. The lyrics are so powerfull. Here are some songs: I’d rather not say, Burying Brightness, This is what is like, Is Survived by, Written and Rephrased, Get Out, Resent and Regret, No one will mourn you here, My body is a cage, Realize and Rebuild, Face the Blade, Easily Erased, A Pale light lingers.

Sorry i know maybe i put a lot of songs here, but trust me the last 3 albums are 10/10. Powerfull Lyrics, breakdowns, riffs, song structure etc… Hope you enjoy like i do and is worth a reaction. Most underrated band in the scene.:100:

I remember reading somewhere, that the scream after the cough was because Britton couldn’t get the right take. lol

Your reaction to the blegh is amazing, you definitely gotta check out Relapse or Low by Wage War, amazing tracks with a dark message

New subscriber here! Loving the reactions, would really enjoy your take on To the flowers by while she sleeps. Appreciate the positive messages you put out can’t wait for the next video :blush:

0:25 that’s the appropriate face to make for this song

Cough cough cough


Here’s to a past I’ll never need, now here’s to you… REST IN PEACE!!! Goes so HARD.

Killswitch Engage reaction would be fire!

Anything Silent Planet! You’re welcome

I love your reaction because it’s cute and great, and they’re a Christian metal band, I’m a Christian metalhead, I would love to see you reacts to more Christian metal music :metal:t2::metal:t2:

I was cheated on before my current relationship of 5+ years. I’ve spent the entire relationship easily paranoid, triggered by seemingly small things, I think everything she does to another human is flirting at times when I’m really triggered. It’s made it hard to discern between paranoia and my gut telling me if I shouldn’t trust her just like my ex

This song, along with “Stitch” by the same band, were really meaningful to me when I went through a difficult breakup after being cheated on, and to this day they’re some of my favourite songs of all time. Funnily enough, they were also the gateway that brought me from punk to heavy metal.

0:51 - to this day one of the filthiest BLEGH’s out there
Her reaction to it though… just adorable :heart_eyes::rofl::rofl:

You have to check out Youngblood by these guys if you haven’t already.