Therapist reacts to Wage War - The River

I wonder if the betrayal was done by a record label? it has happened. Record labels are known thieves.

Music is my emotion. Music is where i threw all my heart down below here.

If you liked “The River”, next up by Wage War should be “Low”. absolute banger!

I’d absolutely love for you to do the band Imminence. Pick any song….then watch yourself travel down the rabbit hole. Not only does their music rock your face off, but each of their music videos is a story in its own.

Hello! can you react to my song (enhanced with AI)?
The lyrics in whole album are covering simple life (like love) in unstable world.

the reason i love metal is the lyrics hits hard, but due to its screamed and drowns out for alot most will go huh why are ya listening to this, then i go listen and see where we are with it

Doc, you possess the most brutal Bassfaces on the reaction video’s biz. Love’ em!

Thanks for reaction❤…

This was the very first song I ever heard from Wage War and it’s still my absolute favorite. Your energy is so contagious and makes me so happy :joy: This song still gives me absolute chills. The coughing call out before the breakdown is FILTHY lol. I saw Wage War in 2018 and 2019. Both times were some of my absolute favorite shows.

Also… an FYI: It’s been said the “cough cough blegh” was actually Britton getting frustrated because his screams weren’t coming out the way he wanted and he did the “cough cough blegh” was him clearing his throat, and they kept it in the final cut. Freaking LOVE this song and LOVE Wage War.
Not sure if it’s already been requested, but another great WW song is “Low”.

Please react to coldrain vs Ryo from Crystal Lake “Mayday”. You won’t regret it.