Therapist scared to react to Slipknot - Psychosocial

you should learn drums…the You Tube Channel named #Drumeo can help you a lot with that.

Ms you put words to the things we feel but dont say…

I like what you are doing
I think when they let loose in videos or on stage they definitely use raw energy
Yen is my fave on the end so far I have my copy now :mending_heart:

Your reaction to Corey’s clean voice made me giggle. I just found your channel and love it. If you like Slipknot but have a bit of issues with the heaviness, Stone Sour is his more rock/grunge group, there are some great commentary videos he’s made with them. @heartsupport i have agoraphobia and several neurodivergencies, so oddly this kind of aggressive music is a great way for me to let out more negative emotions. Either by singing or moshing or aggressively mopping while listening to them. thank you for giving them a chance.

Bro I’ve listened to this track prolly over 500 times at least, and never did get that from the lyrics :joy: although I never really looked at them but still

You don’t know the Hell that’s coming. Everybody get on the ground!

my, psychosocial ally, is being held hostage… lol

I don’t think you actually like this song, but I love you for pretending you do.

Bless you. <3

I would really love to see her react to some of Meshuggah’s lyrics.

You should check out ‘Bother’ by Stone Sour

My wife listens to Worship music exclusively and typically if we’re in her car that’s what we listen to, until I can’t stand it anymore, but it’s not usually the music that I can’t stand but the hosts. One day this host is saying how he can’t really get into other music, that the message just isn’t there and so on and it just has stuck with me and bothered me. I’m not the most artistic person, I’m rather dense but even I can derive a meaning from songs, maybe not the intended meaning but nevertheless, a meaning. I just thought “you know what dude, if you are so basic that you can’t even give a moment of thought to find a meaning in a different genre of music than you are most defiantly in the right place.”

There’s another element to this song which is very political.
There are a lot of references to the geopolitical realities of America.

Hence Psychosocial.
It’s about how those social factors influence one’s mindset.

I couldn’t be more proud of you. You understood the meaning of the lyrics immediately. Good on you. :metal:

Listening to Pantera made me like this song better cuz now i like groove metal

You live in this nice house you r not slipknot

I would love to see your analysis of Surfacing by Slipknot. I don’t know if you’re ready for that yet, though.

In Iowa there is two types of music enjoyers country and slipknot

You should listen to snuff by Corey taylor

You changed my world…

Yea, that’s the look and feeling I got when I 1st heard Cory Taylor actually sing some sweet notes. Dude has a great voice!!