Therapist want to be Happy. By NF

Can you react to a TX2 song? Some good ones are “Fuck it all”, “6 seconds left”, “I would hate me too”, and “am I a ghost?”

Can i suggest you to listen to “She’s leaving home” by The Beatles?

I love your channel, just found it; I’m soooooo happy to find another Therapist reacting to NF… for some of us who have a hard time talking to therapists, I don’t think I could ever properly convey the amount of time I personally have spent watching therapists react to the NF journey and how it has saved me. I mean that it has saved me!

Listening to NF and learning to be accountable to my own mental health journey has literally transformed my life from a man who was living in a cage in maximum security prisons into a man who cares for his family, provides for them, and does everything in his power to just be a “good man” in just a matter of years.

You’re a very beautiful woman with a crazy beautiful smile and personality. You’re a really beautiful human. Your reaction and your idea and input is so beautiful. You are a beautiful human. Thank you for the video. It’s a very powerful song and you are a very beautiful and powerful woman

You had me crying more than the song/MV but a good cry. Thank you for the motivation.

This brought me to tears. watching this girl come in high or drunk. My daughter had a serious drug problem and 3 weeks ago she was murdered by a gang member in a drug deal. I miss her so much. -

3:20 That was me for a long time. Got comfortable with my pain couldnt imagine me without it.
Now i got diagnosed with pthd, depression and schizophrenia and it is going upwards.
So for everyone, none the less how difficult the journey will be, you can do it and you´re not alone.

More NF!!! He is the light in a dark world for me, he speaks my truths, and the amount i relate to his songs, often times brings me to tears. Its amazing to have your thoughts brought to light in his songs. Please do the whole journey. Ill be watching for new nf videos.

Can you please react to NF How could you leave us?

I want to see you react to “How Could You Leave Us” ……. That will explain a lot about NF

thats also what gets me tearing, at the video - you cant tell if its her as a kid, or her as a mother, doing the same thing to her own kid - thats the whole point - shes continuing the cycle with her own kid, that her mother kinda… did to her.

glad to see youve now done MORE NF, and REN - theyre both pretty much their own things, theyre amazing. For another rapper, Id recommend MGK, he’s always epic - and if you wanted to go Christian-message - DAX, or political - Tom Macdonald.

I love nf but if you want a song about ptsd and depression and dealing with trauma listen to PTSD by dax


please react to how could you leave us and mansion by nf

Your vibe makes me happy lol

Love hearing your interpretations and understanding of NF’s music! He is such an incredible artist!

NF and Ren are just on an entirely different level than other musicians.

Damn I never even knew how much this song is about me.

Ok you have to take the journey… starting with intro 1. (Intro)