Therapist witnesses the Lamb of God - Laid to Rest

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of Laid to Rest by Lamb of God to talk about how running from failure and hiding from it is a sure way to defeat but admitting to failure is actually the only path to freedom.


Do Lamb of God - Omerta next! #1 & #2 songs all time

I haven’t seen the video yet but based on your views of Slipknot I cannot wait to hear your take. I love both bands equally but LOG definitely helped me get through high school and still are a huge part of my life. Although not that popular I’d love to see your reaction and hear your views of their song The Faded Line :metal::black_heart:

Gotta check out Walk With Me In Hell. Top notch tune.

This song definitely helps me work through my issues. I have many others that do that too.
Dignity by Bullet for my Valentine
Nobody can save me by Linkin Park
Dig by Mudvayne
You’re not my kind by Five Finger Death Punch
Low by Wage War
Stitch by Wage War
King for a day by Pierce the Veil
No more tears to cry by Bullet for my Valentine
Handshake with Hell by Arch Enemy

I could go on, but I’ll leave it here. I’m always down for more suggestions from others too. So don’t be afraid to reply with your “dig yourself out of a hole/rut” songs.

Thank you so much Taylor. i remember i suggested this song to be reviewed. not sure thats why you reacted to it, but i sure am glad that you did :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

See who gives A FUCK! God this song is so heavy in person. <3

Walk with me in Hell is a goodin’. Tks for all u do girl, u rip! \m/

Redneck! Plz…

It is impossible to NOT headbang to Lamb of God.

I still recommend A Perfect Circle Noose, Passive, Judith, Blue, imagine remastered, the hollow, weak and powerless is a really good one. Just recommendations. And to anyone struggling here for you best I can be know I hope you fight the fight and rock it out. Show life that it can’t control you you control it. Don’t let anyone bring you down. Smile cause it helps more then you know :grin::metal::metal::metal::pray: also if you ever feel like an odd one out of place in life check out the song by sick puppies from early 2000s called odd one. I personally found hobbies I thoroughly enjoy and always make me happy doing it and pursue it as often as possible being more spontaneous helped immensely my go to is fishing and nature. I love finding such an isolated place where I never see another soul and no cell service. Able to think without other distractions. And enjoy some quite away from society while getting beautiful scenery and seeing things I never see anywhere else every time something different​:grin::grin:

Oh boy did you open a can of worms…:metal: yesss more lamb of god please! :heart:

Hit the gym with Lamb of God. No pre-workout needed

Omerta is the best. It’s about the Mafia code of silence.

Hi Taylor there’s a song that Randy Blyth wrote from lamb of god it’s called 512 he wrote that in the Czech Republic prison cause he said he was charged by manslaughter by accident for pushing a fan of stage and the fan died so he wrote the lyrics you see too understand and believe

Lamb of god songs are amazing it’s had a power punch

You’re interpretation of songs is so cute;}>

Nice reaction. You are beautiful in more ways than one. LoL by

Peak Lamb Of God!!
Saw them live when this came out … amazing experience!!

listen to kill you by korn

512 is a good one too…