Therapist witnesses the Lamb of God - Laid to Rest

Fine ill listen to lamb of god :joy:… I’m a metalhead BTW

you definitely have to do Falling in Reverse - Watch the world burn

You need to do their newer stuff… Ditch, new colossal hate, Gomorrah, reality bath… A real insight into what these men care about

Welcome to Pure American Metal! :ok_hand:t4::metal:t4::fire: Nice breakdown.

Lamb of God - Black label should be the next one.

RUIN is probably my favorite song by Lamb of God

“Laid to Rest” (2003) is in direct response to America’s response to 9/11… Specifically, our readiness to go to war with Iraq/Afghanistan. The Album as a whole is in response to the G.W. Busch Administration (Google it, Randy wore an Anti-Bush shirt for the bulk of that tour).

With that in mind, re-read those lyrics.

You should try some finnish metal like Stam1na, Mokoma, Diablo, Chidren of Bodom. First two sing in finnish but most of time you can find translations on comments.

Excellent analysis. Ok. Now react to their song Omerta. Jk.

This was the album I was introduced to when I found this band. I like seeing someone interpret the meaning.

The worst part is ive done this but must still live in the nightmare around me because i swore id not leave until death!!! :cry:

Haha! The stank face is hilarious!

Great break down of the lyrics. I can relate to them so well. I’ve listened to Lamb of God for years, I think you’ll like other master pieces they’ve made. Awesome content, love your stank face.

Proof music is therapy :clap:t2:

Memento Mori is a really good song by Lamb of God.

Randy fuckin rocks…

If there was a day I lived, i would live it

Lady deep down you love heavy metal and you wish your boyfriend would listen to this incredible music.