I finally got the call today from Behavioral Health!

Feb 2nd!!

They found a psychiatrist for me and I have to do the appointment via zoom or phone call. That’s strange for me. What would you guys suggest I do? I mean, I think it would be important for him to see body language and that type of thing, right? I have a cam, so I could do it. Maybe I should. Then again, if I do it by phone call he won’t see me roll my eyes when I think he is full of crap lol.

I’m happy, but I’m also scared because voices have been pounding in my head since I hung up that I can’t be helped. I’m really trying to ignore them right now actually. Telling me to cancel my appointment and delete this topic because there is no hope for me. I won’t tho, I don’t want to.


I haven’t been in real therapy since 2007, so if anyone has any advice that would be helpful I’d welcome it. I plan on being honest (anyone who knows me, knows how I overshare lol) because I want help, I want to think differently and not suffer every second of the day with my emotions, paranoia and impulsivity (I spelled that right on the first try lol).

I want these stupid voices to stop so bad because I 100% know that one day I’ll have enough of it and just give in.


yay new shrink dance!

For the first interaction, which will you be more comfy with? Which will allow you to open up more and be able to talk honestly?

Those voices know what’s up… that their days of being so loud may be numbered (hopefully, fingers and toes crossed for ya!)! Ha, they’re being so loud but they’re really just scared of being shushed! throws stale bread at the voices

Really hoping this new person is a good fit for you and that is leads to loads for new insights and relief and all good stuff :slight_smile:

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:rofl: :joy:

I would rather do zoom, I want to see his facial expressions and body language more than I want him to see me. I can be honest either way I think.


Congratulations Mystrose :wink:
So its finally coming together. An offical date of an apointment. This is awesome. I think i would use Zoom in your place. It is good when your therapists sees the body language. It is said that around 40% of our language is nonverbal so body languege is important.

Fuck you voices. Yeah… Well… Its worth saying again. Fuck you voices!

I am honestly happy for you Mystrose. I hope it helps you very much. Dont be scared you will see when you get there. No ammount of anxiety has ever changed the outcome :wink:.


I been saying that for the last 45 mins. Thanks for fighting for me.

It makes me happy to see you happy.


Congrats sweetness, its about time isnt it? I would deffo suggest the zoom call, i think your mind can wander more on the phone, you have to pay attention more when you are looking at someone even if they are boring the pants off of you. lol
I think its normal to be scared or nervous whether you have voices or not, going in to rehash things and try to make big changes is scary but its also exhilarating and exciting and a culmination of everything you have been working towards and you are so worth it, im as chuffed as nuts for you. Make the most of every moment.
Much Love Lisa xx


Thank you :hrtlegolove: Very true, I’ll have to do some meditation or something before so I don’t chicken out. I need to learn how to put to use what I’ve learned. I have with some of it but the major things I haven’t yet on my own.


that cat!! OMG. Also Lisa, who’s boring your pants off! :o hehehe

@Mystrose and of course, make your little notes or lists for the important stuff you maybe want to bring up, if that’s how the conversation goes? That way you have something to focus on if you start to get overwhelmed? Could that help too?


thats all part and parcel of it, and you can do that bit by bit and session by session too, you dont have to do that all in one go. dont panic. make notes and just work on it as you go along. You didnt learn all that you know now in one seating. Your good. xxx


@sita, many many people have bored my pants off, not literally you understand. urgh. I have strange ideas about what is interesting. Seems note taking is a popular idea.


@Lisalovesfeathers @Sita

Definitely going to have notes for sure

This is true, I’ll just have to go with the flow of things and trust. :hrtlegolove:


don’t mind me, my dear :smiley:
i think my caffeine is finally kicking in and making me a bit hyper hehe!

I totally understood what you meant too.

oh how i wish caffine had that effect on me.