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Therapy Progress Finally

Things are starting to happen.

My meds are starting to kick in and today, for the first time in a very long time… my voices are 95% quiet. I must admit, I kind of miss them as morbid as that sounds. I’m still processing this, so stay tuned lol.

I talked to my psychiatrist once and she put me on the meds I wanted, but the talk therapy she said I’d be getting seemed to be taking forever. I called the other day and this morning my support person (I don’t know her real title) called and told me she would be calling at least once a week to check up on me and let me vent if I needed to and talk about anything I needed to. Apparently, the talk therapist who I had been assigned to left, so they are looking for a replacement. We talked about some things going on with me and then she offered me two programs that I could look into. One is called Choices and it’s basically what I’ve done before except this is more therapy and more specific to my needs.

This is a snippet of part of the brochure I found online about it.

Program participants are diverted from placement in a more restrictive institutional setting to the CHOICES day treatment program following a mental health crisis. Participants attend daily groups and activities that emphasize dialectical and cognitive behavioral therapies, mindfulness practices, relapse prevention, symptom management, medication education, emotional regulation, physical fitness and connection to community and peers, all of which improve clients’ daily functioning and social skills. This provides clients with a variety of opportunities for positive social interactions that aid in recovery and improved overall mental health. In participation with staff, CHOICES program participants identify their desired treatment outcomes and receive an individualized treatment plan which leverages the clients’ own personal strengths in managing their mental health symptoms.

They pick me up in the morning and they bring me home in the afternoon. I literally just have to walk out my front door and be taken care of until I step off the bus after they bring me home. They even feed you a snack and lunch. Just like when I was in the mental ward’s aftercare program.

There might be a little trouble getting me in because there was a deadline to sign up that has passed, but she said she would do her best. I think this would be good for me. The other program was different and I have to say I was kind of zoning out a little when she was telling me about it. I do remember her saying someone comes to my house or something.

I really pray that she can get me in, because it sounds like what I need and boy do I need help right now.

PS the program is 2-3 week long.


oooho that sounds like a sweet program to get into!
and 95% silence? Nice! i imagine that would indeed be something to get used to, but no more telling you bad things about yourself?? So we can say we love you and they won’t try to tell you otherwise :smiley:

very excited about your progress so far, hope you get into choices. i love that it sounds like it’s multi approach too!


LOL, yeah I guess so.

It is very quiet in my head and it is believe it or not unnerving.

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it’s a new normal to get used to :slight_smile:
hopefully you get used to it soon so you can enjoy it :smiley:


Hi Mystrose
I am glad there has been such progress :slightly_smiling_face:. I have been in a similar program for 3 weeks although diffrent in some aspects. It was very helpful and I hope it will help you too. I am also glad that your voices are 95% gone. I know it must be awfuly quite now but I think you could get used to it :wink:. This is seriously some good news. I hope the nice lady can make it work for you. I wish you luck with that :slightly_smiling_face:.


I hope so, I keep finding myself bracing for getting screamed at for things I’m doing. Like I was brining our water delivery into the house earlier and the door opened all the way and hit the kitchen counter and I braced for the “you’re a worthless…” crap. I suppose if the meds continue to work, I’ll get used to that, but there are also unpredictable break thru voices that startle me. So, its a strange feeling right now.

And thank you :rose:


So much for 95%…

It’s zero right now…sigh. Feels like it’s worse when they are bottled up and let out all at once.

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how long did they last for?

does it help at all that you know that they can be silenced? That they aren’t permanent?

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How did I miss your reply lol. Sorry.

Just a little while because Casual started streaming and Megs was there too and they unknowingly distracted me. It’s easier to stop them with distraction now I think, but I’m not sure yet. I haven’t had any break thru voices today. My touch hallucinations are not being stopped tho and earlier I was walking thru the house and felt like I was trying to fight thru something in my way. Ugg I can’t put it into words.


hmm wonder if the same meds are supposed to tackle both the voice and touch hallucinations?
glad you’ve been busy and distracted! that’s a good way to deal with them too!

Would be interesting to see how it changes as you get more used to the meds! :slight_smile:

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You were right @Mystrose, your post gave me a huge smile the other day. There is so much goodness right there. It sounds that you have a strong support system around you that is on its way to be really built and solidified. And the way you are supported is also going to be multidimensional - which is so good.

How do you feel about the perspective of going to this Choices program? Hoping you’re not going to wait for too long either in order to receive some updates from your talk therapist.

So proud of you for letting others help you. Whether your voices are present or not, intensely or not, what you are doing right now is really the best middle finger you can show to these voices. Go go go badass you. :hrtlegolove:

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I really do have a big support system. Heart Support and everyone (including you) involved have made a HUGE difference in my life for one and I’m finally pursuing therapy and trying to get my shit together. So, thank you Micro for being such an awesome support!

I was talking to my boyfriend earlier about this. I know that it’s what I need for sure, but it’s only 2 weeks and just a tiny dent in the therapy I actually need. So, we shall see how it goes.

I hope they will find a replacement for my talk therapist quickly and I’ll start pestering them soon if they don’t. It’s a government program, so you know how that goes. You kinda have to fight so you don’t get lost in the system which happens a lot to people with psychological disabilities.

Thank you for your awesome encouragement :rose:

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