There is light to be found if you just open your eyes


So recently I’ve been doing quite well. I haven’t wanted to share because I feel like I share too much; I have learned that I don’t have to share all the good things that happen to me because in the end I’m not really cherishing those good moments.

I’ve gotten good at not holding/taking a lot of stuff to heart; I used to be very mad when my parents would say certain things or when my dad was going simply too far, but now I’m alright. I know how to get through those times.

I also went to the doctor and I was finally open about my depression so I am getting a med change and I pray it will be for the better.

The past few weeks I have also been thinking a lot about religion and I was driving somewhere one day and the song by Tonight Alive called Looking for Heaven and if you just listen to the lyrics it literally just depicts how I see my religion.

I’m still trying to expand my outlook but just the chorus literally just is it; it depicts how I see heaven. I think that yes life gets hard- but we keep fighting because this is the only life we get. I think life is just a way to show God how thankful we are to be given life itself and how thankful we are to have this world and all in it.

The other parts that align with my beliefs is we were given life for a reason; we need to take care of the environment and ourselves and our friends and families because we have been given this life and we all just need to help each other out.

Yes- life does get hard. It really does. But I am a firm believer that God will never place a hurdle in front of you that you can’t get over. Yes- life gets really hard. It feels like things will never get better sometimes- but it’s impossible for things to stay bad. Life gets hard but we just have to keep fighting- we just have to keep going; we only have this one life, we have to make it count and in my eyes my fight is to show God how thankful I am for all the good I have been blessed with and I yearn to make him proud and I yearn to keep fighting until the day I die.

Today I let God into my life fully and completely and I know that I just have to keep fighting.

Hold fast my friends.


It’s great to hear that things are looking up for you. Keep spreading this message, those of us who’ve climbed out of the hole are the best to help others out. :smile:

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@Lyss - I’m so glad to hear that you’re doing better! Rock on!

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Love you so so much.