There no point in living

Last couple of months I started getting my life together first finish out my jr high then high school and do college aboard cause it’s more affordable aboard but when I tried to enroll into a special online high school cause I’m special ed I can’t have regular schools they said that due to me not completing jr high and my age I would out grow there program even before graduation but I could get a GED instead somewhere else but cause I planned to go aboard I looked they don’t even do GED let alone accept it so I can’t do one my mom solution was a online jr high but I found out it’s not credited and we are limited due to my special ed when I asked my mom why couldn’t I just skip jr high she said I was dumb that skipping is for those who are intelligent and smart people not ones like me the school is not even credited finishing my jr high is useless and cause I can’t get jr high done I won’t be able to do high school which means I can’t even get into college which ruins my chances at life I was already starting to want to give up living cause every time I made one step closer to school I was taking what seems to be like hundreds of steps back in my home life I’m complained at so much about are money problem as it is then me wanting school again just added to more money problem while both schools are tuition free it costs a lot of money in buying supplies and etc for it and being told daily that I’m dumb and need to have special ed classes so I shouldn’t even try going for non special ed classes,how school would be so stressful on me,how I couldn’t possibly handle a day to day set scheduled and now if I do or say anything my mom tells me daily how can I possibly do school if I can’t handle this,if I can’t be around this person,if this stresses me out,if I act like that,if I do that if just anything it is I do or I say! it’s already causing my anxiety to be high and before school talk even happened I was under enough stress and anxiety as it was now it just keeps getting higher and higher I just can’t handle it anymore


School sucks man, especailly when you have a learning disabitly. I went to community college and got an degree. But im working at a job that dosent pay enough and I live with my parents. Honeslty school is not the end all of everything. Not to say that school is not improtant. However, there been great bussince like steve job that was high school drop and made tons of money. Also everything is test now which is stupid, becuase it does not help you learn anything. I tiy graduate high school and dont worry about college. Honestly you dont need college to get a good job. Most of all, you are not dumb, you like learn different and people are just giving the wrong ideal. I deal with the same bullshit sometime and Im still struggling with it.

It seems like everything is made out to make you be dumb or treat you as if your a small child when you have learning disabiliys I know there stories of people who made success being high school drop outs but there also people who couldn’t get success well I’m trying to first finish off jr high then attempt to be enrolled into high school but my mom picked a non credited school so I don’t really see the point of it when it’s not going to be putting any credits on me but sadly I do have to worry about college the high school major I was already trying to pick out made me happy and it require a college degree for it but we couldn’t afford college even if we tried it dosn’t seem like I’m smart when schools are trying to teach me as if I’m a young child and my mom is even calling me dumb

That fuck up that you mom calls you dumb. No parent should say that shit to kid. Again school is not end all, people just put that mindset in you head. I agree, I do feel like the school make us feel we like small child instead as human. They should be saying that life can be many different paths instead of one. Everyone has a talent and a way to make thing work. I know it hard becuase I struggle with the same thing too. stay strong!

She said worse things then that but I do agree I know people can have life outside of dropping out from school but that’s hard to think of when the one thing I did want to do does require school and I can’t find anything else that makes me near happy for a career or a job I do agree with that it’s worse when you have learning disability’s they throw you into special made classes which just makes you feel even more like your a child and never get pushed I agree with that I may have not picked such a education required high school major if I had more of a choice I wouldn’t have got into it as much as I did