From Pallettown Charizard: Theres a lot I could go on here, But I’m focusing on today…I…Had a massive fight with my Mom…But because of my Autism and just in-General not doing so well in Conflicts, I just…I couldnt express myself at all! N-Now I feel I lost everything. I hit my fist against our see-through sliding door a couple times and now it hurts a bit…My mom’s up in her room with my Switch with the Door closed and that was after she had yelled about putting $200 I had earned from a school job into Fortnite…I went up to knock on the door but…No response…I’m worried, I have regrets, I dont know what to do, I’ve…Complained…All about how shitty 2023 is that its always finding ways to make my life worse and I have thoughts about just ending it but never go through with it…Probably because I’m a coward…? I dont know what to do…I dont know where to go…I dont know…I gave a warning to my Boyfriend that if he doesnt hear from me in 1 Hour that he should prepare for the worst…I just ask for a simple, peaceful, normal life…Like how Last year was…I’m sad, I wanna cry and I just want to apologize but how can I if my mom wont let me…?


I don’t think you are a coward, I think you’re hurting and have emotional responses to things that build up.
I hope you give each other some time to regroup and get out the frustrations and can come back together to talk about it. Perhaps the responses in the moment weren’t the best expressed, and I know for me it can be hard to listen to someone when I’m feeling on the defence.

Maybe even writing out a letter could help you put down those thoughts and express your side of things?
And then maybe you can take time to listen to each other without interruption. I know it’s really hard to always get along with family, especially when you’re in close proximity all the time. It sounds like your mum may just need a moment to cool down before you both do that.


hey friend, thank you for opening up about the fight you had with your mom. it sounds like it was such a rush of emotions for the both of you. that’s a huge step forward that you’re ready to apologize - saying sorry is always one of the hardest things to do. i hope y’all can both grow from this interaction where she can understand your budgeting and where you can hear her side of the story as well. when they happen, conflicts usually yield few benefits. it’s really after the dust settles where the most communication, understanding, and resolution can take place. i’m wishing you the best of luck - you got this!! love, twix


Hi there Pallettown Charizard,

Thank you for reaching out here. Conflict is so tough and it’s so upsetting when we get into conflicts with those who are close to us.

As you likely know, it sounds like your mom simply wants what’s best for you and hopes to help you learn about how to manage your money, but this could have been done in a more productive manner.

I’m glad that you want to apologize and talk to your mom, and hope that you two are able to come to an amicable understanding around the whole argument. Try remembering that it’s okay for people to make mistakes – I’ve certainly made my fair share too (including some around spending money in suboptimal ways). Try to take a moment to forgive yourself, as you can’t change the past, but you can learn from it and take it into the future.

I’m wishing you and your mom all the best in this and hope things feel better soon.

<3 Tuna


Hi Friend, Thank you for your post. I am really sorry you had that fight with your Mum I am sure it must have been very upsetting especially if you feel you cannot express yourself as you wanted to that must be incredibly frustrating.
I am also sorry your 2023 has started so horribly, thats rough and I don’t wish that on you, I think on this occasion your Mum really was trying to help you with regards to spending a lot of money on something that wasnt a priority because that is quite an important lesson in life however she could have sat you down and talked to you rather than shouted at you and it turning into a huge argument, that doesnt help anyone. I applaud you for trying to apologise to your mum and I wish she could have come to the door when you knocked or at least responded to you. perhaps give her a little time to gather her thoughts, its upsetting for both people when there is an argument and hopefully you can both sort things out.
I hope that the remainder of 2023 is better for you. Much Love Lisa x