There's No Point

I want to kill myself. There’s no fucking point in anything anymore. I’m just a fucking leech and burden on anyone and everyone around me. I’m a disappointment as a child, fiancee, sibling, just all the above. I’m just not good enough to be breathing air. I might as well just give the fuck up. I’m so done.


Hello SageTheSpirit
Please breath and try to calm down. You are not a leech. Struggling with mental health and life is not leeching. You are just having a tough time. You would not call a disabled or a chronicly ill person a leach so why are you doing it to yourself. Mental healt is just as important as physical one.

I want to ask you if you are currently seeking any help. Are you taking any medication or are you seeing a therapist. If not I would recomend you to do so. If you are feeling very suicidal please call a suicide hotline. There are people that will help you. Here you can find the suicide hotline Numbers of all countries. List of suicide crisis lines - Wikipedia

You are worthy of being happy and loved. Please say that out loud. I am worthy of being happy and loved. Please stay safe and try to seek help. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @SageTheSpirit
I am sorry you are feeling like this. I want you to know that these negative thoughts are not true. You are not a disappointment and you just as worthy of breathing air as anyone else. I don’t want to sound cliché but @Ashwell is right and the reason we say it so often is because here we truly believe it, You are genuinely loved and supported here and we want you to be happy and feel that love so if you have not already called that hotline and are still feeling bad please call or call someone that you can talk to or spend some time with.
Please let us know how you are.
Much Love
Lisa :heart:

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I’m safe, just letting you all know. I have managed to calm down, and am okay now. Thank you for letting me vent. :heart:


I am so pleased to hear that. You are Loved and I am grateful :heart:


Hey @SageTheSpirit,

Just sending a little reminder that you are loved dearly. Your presence is a blessing to this community, to all of us here. I hope you keep taking care of yourself as much as possible. You deserve all the love, chill music and cozy blankets! Sending love your way today. :hrtlegolove:


Thank you so much Micro, I needed to hear these words this morning! You are such a kind person, and I appreciate you. :heart:


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