Therpist is a Master of Puppets

The song is about constantly being controlled anything.

How about a therapist controlled by an insurance company? It’s about someone having to be constantly in control

Your analysis is incorrect lol

The arrangement of the song can be attributed to the phases 9f drug addiction. The first part is heavy and driving representing the want/need/search for the drug. The second part that is clean and beautiful is the taking of the drug. It’s peacful and serene. Then the third part is the out of control crash and frantic, anxiety of search for more. At least that’s how I see it.

to me, it is one of the darkest songs I have ever heard. My favorite song as well. You are right, it is about addiction. Metallica talks about the idea behind this sound.

I was in the arena in Vancouver for this

What performance is this?

You should see them do this song in the Live in Seattle video… wow.

I wish that people would have requested she react to the Master Of Puppets from METALLICA S&M album.

Fryed ends of sanity please

@heartsupport Taylor the entire mast of puppets album was about James’s mother believing that the church of Scientology would save her, she gave so much and in the end lost her son. This was jame’s outlet for his father walking out and the way the church treated his mother and how the church told him and her what they could and couldn’t do.

One by Metallica, is a great song it’s about a guy in the army who stepped on a landmine and it’s a really good and deep song I think you’d like it

Also just want to point out…if all youre doing is listening to the typical Metallica songs, like the ones they are over playing on the radio, you truly are missing the deeper messages because its the ones they DONT play on the radio that will shake you to your core.

If you dont do Dyers Eve you really are missing out. It can be argued that ALL of these songs stem from the issues expressed in Dyers Eve. Id be really disappointed if you didnt give it a listen.

I love your channel. It’s helping me understand why I loved these songs. I also told my therapist about your channel. Told him It’s helping me as well as talking to him.

Watch. The. Movie…

For this song, it’s better to watch a regular live concert video instead of this one from the movie, Through the Never. That way you don’t get distracted by the sensory overload from the violent content.

Chop your breakfast on a mirror is referring to cocaine.

This song we heard as teens / youths was really good. Unfortunately it hits way harder after a couple of decades struggling with the topic…

Damn great song yeah they have some cool ass songs

The addiction is your master

Hahahaha of the end… sarcastic “laugh at the master” telling it to fahk da fahhk off"
You seem to Understand PLEASE keep analyzing and help us