They dont realize their hurting me

I’m moving to college in a few weeks. People keep telling me that it’s great and wonderful, but I cant help but feel depressed about it. My parents got divorced a year ago and because of it I’m all my mom has. The rest of my family keeps telling me how much I’ll grow and change and how much our relationship as a family will change. I’ve tried telling my older sister how it feels like their telling me that their only happy I’ll be away from my mom and maybe I’ll finally realize how horrible she is. My sister tells me I’m overreacting and that I’m misinterpreting what their saying. She then finds any excuse to stop talking to me about it. It sucks my family doesn’t realize how much their actions are actually hurting me and I cant even tell them.

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Oh man. That’s hard. I’m sorry that you are dealing with that. I know how hard it can be to talk to family about how your feeling. Especially when they struggle to understand. That sucks.

I hope that as time goes on that those things can be healed. It’s not easy. Just know that your feelings matter and are important. Despite how your sister make react.

Much love to you.

  • Kitty