They say it's just teenage "angst"

My father forced me to have a conversation with him a little while back. We were talking about- I don’t really remember, I guess it was just something small like plans for the week…

Uug, I feel like with the way i’m talking right now, it looks like I’m trying to write a story.

I’m just going to get to the middle of the topic and say this:

My parents lied.

When I told them I Just really wanted to talk to a therapist, they replied, “Oh, you want to talk to a therapist but you don’t want to talk to us? Why don’t you tell us these things? About your problems and what’s bothering you.”

“You think that we aren’t going to understand, but that’s not the case.”

Mom, Dad, I love you. But that’s a complete lie.

When I tell you that I feel uncomfortable about my body, all you say is, “Well yea, you were born that way. You can’t change it, and I guess that’s something you’re going to learn to deal with.”

Then you go on with your day like I just bothered you while you were doing something extremely important. Even when you were the one who wanted to converse with me. You were.

That’s why I try to say nothing about my problems to you.

At this point… It’s mentally exhausting to think about my parents.

They were the ones who said they were getting me a therapist, and then proceeded to forget about it for almost 4 months.

I just want to leave this family. I didn’t want to live with my stepmother and my father in the first place.

I dread coming home to them, almost everyday. They have this Workaholic attitude that gets really annoying. They can’t seem to catch a break. They claim that our house is “like a beehive” (which means very busy)

“And it’s something you’re going to have to get used to.”

I’m done.

I’m just done with these people.

So now I just play the waiting game until I can finally move back to my mother’s house.



I’m really sorry that your feelings and concerns have been over looked. I understand how frustrating it feels when your parents just shrug you off and tell you to get used to it.
I’m really proud of you for recognising that you would like to talk to a professional! That’s something a lot of people struggle with, they think it means there’s something wrong with them.
Sometimes people close to us don’t realise how they respond and how they view things isn’t always helpful. Especially when you’re young. People often think young people can’t have problems and that life is easy for them. I have not forgotten the stress and difficulty of school and bullying ect. So my heart really does go out to you.
Has your mum been more supportive of you?


Hi Fried,
i feel so sorry to hear that, feeling overseen by parents, by family i think hits double.
you are aware that what your struggles are, and they should take that seriously and your decision should
matter to them. they should support in every way.
the earlier you can do some, the better it is for yourself.
you will not change them, i struggle learning that too with my parents, to be honest i am also often
disapointed when it comes to family.
you matter most my friend, stay strong and keep us updated please. thank you a lot for sharing.
you are loved and you deserve everything good in this world, feel hugged.

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