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Things are changing again

It has been a while since my last post but this time something amazing happened to me. After I lost everything because of a stupid decision I made I thought that life was over for me, but thanks to the people in this site I realized that there is more for me. And finally something amazing is happening. There is this girl that I liked way before my sophomore year. But I never got close to her, I recently tried to step up and send her a message, she replied and we started texting each other. After a week I realized that I was starting to like her like I used to do in the past, we kept talking and last week I told her how I feel, she was confuse at the beginning but then she said that she may like me, this week she told me that in fact she likes me and that she is sure of what she is feeling and that she is not playing with me. We said that is better to get to know each other and that we better wait until is time for us to start a relationship…
The thing is that I’m sad because I’m being paranoid with the idea that I will lost her the way I did with my ex girlfriend, I keep thinking that history will repeat and that I will brake his heart, she is a nice girl and I really like her, my intentions with her are good and she knows that but my mind is a mess and I cannot stop from feeling like trash. Also she is a busy person, she is always doing something whether is school related or work, or chores in her house. I understand that and we don’t talk that much but yet we both feel the same way but I’m afraid of doing something really stupid, I even told her that I don’t care if we just end up being friends but deep in my heart I want to be her boyfriend and I want to find happiness…
Also I feel like I don’t have anything to offer her and that she would be better with someone else and that hurts really bad…


Hi friend. I think it’s super important that you take a deep breath and just breathe for a second. Remember to not be hard on yourself. It’s very easy to fall into that trapping cycle of thinking things like “Im not good enough” - “They are better off with someone else” - those are all lies that our minds try to tell us. You ARE good enough.

Don’t let these worried thoughts take over an experience that can be really good! Try to embrace and enjoy this connection. Enjoy getting to know each other. Learning one another and building that bond. Its easy sometimes to let those dark thoughts and worried parts of our mind get in the way. So when you find yourself starting to think like that, take a step back for a moment. Come to the wall if you need to. We can talk you through it. <3

I am glad that you have this connection and I hope that whether you guys decide to be friends or try a relationship that you are able to embrace that relationship and know that you ARE good enough.

Stay strong!

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