Things are really awful these days

Hello everyone. New to this platform , heard from a friend that this site helped her through tough times so i decided to give it a try.

Things are really awful these days. I’ve been a happy go lucky kid for my entire childhood but now that i’m 19 , i don’t really know where i belong and what i should do. People my age right now are having kids , doing jobs or something mature. I’m just stuck between “can i go out with my friends” and “i’m out”. I’m really lost from everyone these days. I don’t know where i belong. I’m from Asia and i want to live on my own but financially it is troubling. I feel like i should live on my own , people my age or below accomplish so much but why don’t i have anything to show to the world.

I study interior design and have a strong interest in arts in general. But when i attempt to do a certain artwork or illustration , i have a strong anxiety issue. I cannot truly concentrate and feel like someone always cuts me away from it. And when i accomplish a small sketch or anything it does not impress anyone , literally no one. Just OK work , even i’m not satisfied with my best things now. Idk man it’s been stressful few years lately.

I just wish anyone could hear me out for these troubles.


Hi, welcome to the community.

First thing I think that you should stop thinking what others are doing or what you are not doing because if you still compare your life with others, you only will suffer and you deserve more than that.

You know even if isnt the same situation, I know the feeling that I wont do anything for this world or that everyone is making a lot of thing in their life, in my situation, people around my age had already romantic relationship, they had done so many things and sometimes I really feel like I am going slow but for what had learned is that isnt true, everyone is different and we shouldnt compare ourselves of what others are doing or what of society want us to do. Everyone life is different, some people marry at 19, others at 24 or 39 and more, but that isnt better or worst, is when it had to happen, you cant force thing you had to live like the best you can and things will come.

And the last thing I have to say, dont worry if people dont say to you that you have done a good work, because not everyone will say it, so when that happen, you must be still be proud of your work because you deserve to be proud of it, even if others dont say it.

Take care :heart: And know that if you need something, you have us here.

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Hey friend!

I think a lot of us start struggling about how we want to move forward with the future about your age. It’s the age where we start hitting adulthood and the pressures to be responsible really sets in. A lot of us at that time in our life are still trying to figure out what we want to do and how. It’s pretty normal to not be financially on your feet yet.19 is very young. Though, I know that things may be very different in Asia from America.

Something that helps me with my creative motivation and confidence is one of the Heart Support staff members. DanMakesHisMark. He does a lot of art and creative things. Always encouraging us. You should join us on discord. I’ll link you to the Heart Support Discord and DanMakesHisMark. We as a community often share our art together. That really helps to have support and advice from others. Maybe this could be something good for you <3

Heart Support:


I’m also going to leave you a couple exercises that I feel could be really good for you. I encourage you to try to read them and do them with us! <3 A handful of us have shared our own experiences.

These are great exercises to do when you’re struggling, to help you face those things and try to help remember ways to push through them. Be patient and gentle with yourself.

As an artist, I often struggle with comparing myself to others or feeling like what I do isn’t impressive. It’s pretty common within those who create anything. Art, music, etc. You’ll find that a lot of us can relate to that and talking about it can be really healthy. So joining us on discord is great! Or if you can make any of the Heart Support streams, also a good way to connect to the community in a live chat. <3

Remember, the more you practice and the more you do your art, the better you will be and the more you will learn. Do it because you love it. In time you will grow even more, become even better, improve and people will see that. If you feel people are not impressed, do not fret. Keep going <3 And join Dan’s discord. Share your work and let us encourage you! <3