Things don't seem to be getting any better

Lately I’ve been in this constant loop and everything I do just doesn’t matter. I’ll wake up, look for a job, try and hang out with friends, and just be out of the house whenever I can and at the end of the day nothing gets better. I’ve spent so much time I can never get back. I try every day to get better, to feel better, and I can’t. I haven’t been truly happy and I can’t get around it. Some days I manage to get out of bed and be at least somewhat productive. And other times I don’t have the energy to get up, almost like I’ve lost all reason to exist. Right now I don’t see much for my future. I don’t see where I belong. I don’t know my purpose in life. I just don’t want to spend day after day locked in my room, unhappy and alone. I just don’t want to be alone anymore. I’m tired of waiting for something to change knowing nothing will.


Hey friend. So glad you’re part of this community. Your openness to share is huge. Things may look like change isn’t happening but the thkngs your doing like trying to get out of the house, doing job apps, and even just getting social time in is amazing. I know it looks like change isn’t coming now but the future you when it does is gonna be so proud and grateful to you now for not giving up. Its ok to have days when we just do the best we can for that day even if it’s not the same as the productivity of yesterday. Your willingness to do the hard stuff to make changes is amazing! Luckily we cant see the future so we can still hope that your hard work will pay off. Or maybe someone can suggest a new perspective that helps you keep hope. Let me encourage you to hang in there friend. You got this and what your doing is awesome.glad you’re here. Hold fast.


All the little things you do on a daily basis do matter, even if you don’t feel it or see it, you are making a difference in your life and the people around you. The fact that you are trying to change is a huge step towards change. My advice would be to keep a thankfulness journal of everything you are thankful of that day, no matter how small they are. Also write goals for yourself to do the next day, even if they are small. Little steps are important and can change the whole picture! You have what it takes to change your life and also help those around you!


Hey friend, I’m sorry you are feeling so down. It sucks but you are in the right community.

Sometimes we just need to find the little things through out our day that bring that little bit of joy or even the tiniest bit of a smile and try to focus on that.

I’m not sure anyone knows there purpose in this life but we are all here for a reason. Every last person has a purpose and has a reason. Just try to remember that you are loved and that you do matter.

My favorite quote that helps me ( even though it might be lame) is from dr. Seuss. ( unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is ever going to get better, it’s not ) like I said it might be lame but it means something to me and helps me. To me its not just talking about the things around you but also yourself.

We are here for you friend. When you feel down or alone or just mentally drained or any other way. We’ve got your back.

Hold fast friend. We are here.

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