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Things going down hill

This month has been horrible for me, The second week of September i lost my bestfriend to suic*de, it’s been down hill for me i have had over 5 attempts now, my mental health has just gone to crap since of it i don’t even know what to do think or do anymore about it. I started self-harming again in 2 ways o was clean from it.


Im sorry that you lost your friend to suicide I can feel your grief, I lost my friend in a car accident last year on Christmas Day. I can kind of relate to you. You shouldn’t hurt yourself you have others who care about you. I would talk to someone close to you about it. I know the grief will stay but you have to be strong about it and get through it. I know you miss your friend very much… Please be strong though please dont end your life and cut yourself if you want to talk to me feel free to DM me.


Hey there @Horselover200246, I’m really sorry to hear about your friend, it’s never an easy task to come back from something that painful. Self harm is never the answer, it doesn’t fix anything and just creates a bigger problem. I highly encourage you to reach out to someone you trust that can help you get through this tough time and be there for you. It could be a friend, family member, counselor, therapist, ect. You don’t have to deal with this grief and pain alone. You could try to find a therapist that can help you through this. They can help you learn how to cope with these feelings and emotions and not let them weigh down on you so much. I hope that you find some peace and just remember that this pain is temporary and it will not last forever. I’m so proud of you for posting on this wall, there’s always someone on here that cares about you and wants to hear you out. You mean the absolute world to me, friend. You’re never alone. Hold fast. :heart:


Dear @Horselover200246,

I’m so very sorry for the loss of your friend. Not only it is terrible to lose someone, but there’s not enough words to emphasize how it feels when it happens in such a brutal way. When something so significant happens, it affects us in ways we didn’t necessarily expect at first. How you’ve been feeling, reacting, and just trying to survive through it all, is absolutely understandable friend. Your pain is real and felt. I wish we could bring you so much peace and comfort. Though we are here. You’re not alone. And in times to come, it will be really important to make sure your safety remains a priority.

Reaching out to your loved ones/people you trust, maybe making a safety plan on the forum here and using the template that already exists. These are healthy steps to take to make sure that whenever you feel like spiraling, or like your emotions are just too strong, you would still make decisions in order to stay safe. This pain that you feel is absolutely valid and it will take time to learn to process it in a healthy way. But you can absolutely do it. You have that strength in you. And we’ll keep rooting for you and encourage you through it all. You’re not alone. :hrtlegolove:


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