Things going on at my grandmas

I love being at my grandmas but my cousin is making my life hard she knows i have mental health issues, which she loves to make it worse. i was listening to her ab apparently i’m not aloud to be tired when i’m tired 24/7 because of my depression and insomnia i have. I’m really tired of my cousin. She has made my ed a lot worse, She wouldn’t let me sleep in the day time she is always being loud. i also can’t spend time with my support team on call bc she’s right on my hip with it which my cousin dosen’t need to be there it’s for me because they check in with me every couple days on call because of my mental issues. they have me on it bc of the amount of SI attempts i’ve had. But yeah my cousin is making my life hell, i’ve stopped eating while my cousin is home i only eat when she’s asleep or gone


It sounds like she’d benefit from mental health counseling. I suspect she wants attention, even if it’s negative. She may feel kind of “left out” because you’re receiving support and she isn’t. She might rather die than admit it, and she may not recognize her own motives. She may also be trying to distract herself from her own insecurities.

It’s not your fault she’s being abrasive, and the better part of her nature probably doesn’t want to hurt you. She just can’t get past her own hangups.

Is it possible to talk to your support team from a different location? Does your support team know you’re having problems communicating with them because of her? If you have more than one bathroom, you can lock her out while you talk to your group, otherwise, now that the weather’s getting decent, maybe go outside instead.

The grocery has liquid nutritional supplements, which might help you get by when she’s around. It would be more ideal if you could become immune to her acting out.

Lowe’s, Home Depot, or a few other places, even Walgreens sell foam ear plugs. She’d wear herself out, trying to be loud enough to bother you if you were using them.

Hang in there, and let us know how it goes.

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Hey there, friend. It’s always good to hear some updates from you, although I’m so sorry that your cousin is making your life so difficult right now. It sucks that while you are in a place that is ideal for you to relax and recharge, she’s making things challenging and as if you needed to be walking on eggshells. It sounds that she doesn’t really understand the reality of depression and insomnia, given the comments she said to you. It really is on her, not you. You haven’t done anything wrong, and you shouldn’t have to feel like putting yourself in a little box for her own sake.

Do you feel like having a calm conversation with her about how she makes you feel could be possible at all? Sometimes people show one face, but tend to show a more vulnerable side when we invite them to open that door. It may or may not be her case though - that is about how you feel about it.

Wings has provided some wonderful practical tips there and I hope you’ll consider them. Sometimes small changes can really make a big difference in our quality of life, even if someone is trying to interfere with it. There are limits that your cousin can’t walk around.

I hope your next check in with your support team will be more peaceful to you. Sending love. :hrtlegolove:

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