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Things have been meh

Things haven’t been the greatest i haven’t been sleeping well for the past couple days which it’s starting to worsen my mental health agaib but it won’t be as bad i think this time since i have been sleeping mainly in the day time and not the night time. my eating has been a bit rough but not bad i’ve been eating meals daily now


From: I Am Reclaimer

Hey Friend, I have direct experience with this and still struggle with this from time to time. Sometimes It’s been nearly impossible to completely fix and I go through swings of bad sleep cycles and eating habits. My best way to cope with this is taking a page out of Isaac Newton’s book… a body in motion stays in motion… what I mean by this is when you’re up, keeping your body moving in whatever way you can seriously helps. At least it does for me. Additionally, consistency is key here. Trying to fix your sleeping habits in one night is really hard and kind of shocks your system. Trying to be deliberate on moving your sleep cycles to a healthier time frame (for you) little by little is also something that seems to have worked for me. Hope you get to feeling better soon :slight_smile:


From: Aces MCL36M

Hallo! Sleeping can be very easy and very hard, the best way to start is by adapting to 1 dedicated timezone (Like your own). Listening to peaceful music and apps like Headspace with its peaceful sounds!


From: Ash

horselover first off thank you for this post. Sometimes it is so hard to be open when even one thing that seems smaller is effecting us. For example this idea of sleep so many people feel that sleep has to be so many way or this way. But I do myself struggle with sleeping well and having issues sleeping. Perhaps trying some new tips and or tricks to get to sleep is good to start helping yourself fall asleep. Also for the eating proud of you for taking steps. Hold fast.


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