Things that Help

What are some resources that have really helped you guys? For me it was the audiobook version of The Road Back to You by Ian Crohn. It’s a book about enneagram personalities and really opened my eyes to some unhelpful habits I use to cope. But more importantly it’s been a foundation for learning more about these things. It’s a faith based book, but I highly recommend it for all.
Another great resource is The School of Greatness podcast.


Some resources that have helped me,

  • Heart Support. The community. Their books. The friendships I have built here.
  • Writing, Reading, Music.
  • BetterHelp - Heart Support’s link to a 7 day free trial helped me, even just for a week have someone I could reach out to and text when my mind was busy. I like that you can text them whenever or schedule a voice chat.
  • Meditative videos and audio through HeadSpace and Youtube. Excellent mind calming resources that are absolutely free.

I think that the things that help me are :
Heartsupport community(it is great that there are so nice people and that they try to help others, you are great), listening to music especially happy music, play videogames(it make me relax and help me forget the bad though), reading and seeing motivation videos and post.


Resources that helped me:

  • HeartSupport, of course. For the wonderful people I’ve met here. For the faith in humanity that has been restored in my heart.

  • Reading, without any hesitation. Mainly about: poetry, social sciences, history, philosophy, naturalism books, astronomy, artbooks and… the comic strips of my childhood. Can only mention a few : Bone, fantasy comic that definitely needs to be read. / A grief observed by C.S.Lewis / Walden by H-D.Thoreau / Almost everything by Victor Hugo… 'cause he was such a master of poetry. Always have been an inspiration and a great help through the darkest times.

  • Writing… a lot.

  • Crocheting: best medicine I’ve ever known to deal with anxiety. Helps to focus, to clear my mind.

  • Music: listening and playing, mostly guitar and harmonica - Always hard to choose but if I’d pick 3: High Hopes by David Gilmour - Pompeii 2016 live version/ Angeles by Elliott Smith/ Diamonds on the soles of her shoes by Paul Simon - The African Concert live, 1987 (best live to me to start the day positively).

  • Dancing. Coffee and dinner are better when you put some music and do dance moves while preparing it. :+1: I swear. Had dancing lessons in the past. Love to learn choregraphies as well or improvise. Can spend hours on YT just watching videos from some dancing schools channels. Get easily hyped by all the amazing and talented people. To pick some music videos: Lorn - Acid Rain (possibly triggering 'cause it’s a bit graphic) / Cellophane - Steam Powered Giraffe (cover), visually simple but a masterpiece to me/ Jungle - Busy Earnin’, 'cause it was a fun one to learn.

  • Photography: I’ve been doing it since I was a teenager. It just never left me. So kind of my “if everything collapses there will always be that” thing.

  • Drawing: grew up with a dad who’s an artist, and siblings who were so freaking talented, so I always thought you need to have a “gift” to draw but… no, that’s not true. Only passion, pleasure and practice.

  • Video games. Mostly indie, narrative, RPGs. The Witcher 3 at the first place. I still love to launch it just to contemplate the landscapes and enjoy the atmosphere. And again, to pick some that had an impact on me: Life is Strange, What Remains of Edith Finch, Far From Noise, Wandersong.

Thank you for this post btw @NateP. Kinda needed this to get some inspiration back today. :heart:


Thanks so much Micro! OMG, the Witcher 3 was so great. My first serious battle was suicidal ideation was won partially because I was too busy playing the Witcher to go kill myself. Video games have also distracted me from pursuing my true goals in life, but at that time, it really was a God send.


I can feel that. Minecraft has been that for me. A creative outlet in a video game that I have lost myself in time and time again. While it distracted me from my heavy mind, depression and suicidal ideation it has at times in my life distracted me from other important things. Things that often were hard to have motivation for with how I was feeling. So I get it. :heart:



Video games can be so helpful! And there’s so many universes to explore. :heart:

I’m so glad to hear that it helped you to get through your suicidal ideation. And so glad you are here now. :heart:

When I was severly depressed, playing games really helped me to just… go on. Especially games in which you have always something to do, to check… It helped me to be focused on something and get some sense of accomplishment. My life was a mess, but it was helpful to see that I could actually do something, even if it’s was virtual.

But you’re right, it can be a trap and we can get easily drown by this. You’re aware of it, you learned from that experience, so that’s quite positive too! It means you know there are limits in this and it’s not a solution in itself, but a very helpful tool in times we need it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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