Things were doing ok but are going downhill again

I was only able to eat a little bit today

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How’s today going? Do you want to tell a bit more of your story?

I’m sitting outside a counseling office while my daughter goes to meet a new therapist. She has a history of OCD and SH. It was a 7 years decent into hell and a slow climb back out. This all happened during her middle school and high school years. She’s doing so well now (she still deals with some ritual behavior and life isn’t all roses) but she realized she missed a lot of important life skills during that time. She’s hoping this life coach will help her fill in some of the blanks.

I say all that to let you know I understand some of what your going through, to let you know you’re not alone, and to give you hope that things can change. They most assuredly can! Hugs for your day~


I was poking around the site and found out that Rewrite, the book l mentioned in an earlier post is available here. Go into the menu and look under the workbook section. The book is in there by chapters and so is a workbook that goes with it. It’s not in order, but easy enough to find if you look for it. Dwarf Planet is there as well. That a workbook that deals with depression.

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Today is going ok epect for being really sore and sick


a bit more of my story for rn is i’m trying to convince my mom to get me a therapist like she said to me half a year ago now i’m now waiting to see if she will get me one


How’s it going today? Any progress in getting a counselor? Did you have time to take a look at Rewrite?

Thinking of you…


There was no process yet with the therapist my mom dosen’t want yo get one bc she’s “to busy” to get me one

How are you doing today? Is the weekend a relief from Mon-Fri for you or are they more stressful?

I’m so sorry that you’re not getting to go to a therapist, and it sounds like that’s not going to happen anytime soon. I’m sorry it’s not a priority for your mom or that she really can’t see the need. I can only speak from my point of view. When I found out my daughter was SH-ing it was overwhelming for me, I wanted to deny it, I had a hard time coming to grips with it.

I imagine you are making your way through your days full of pain, hiding it all the best you can, just trying to keep it together. At one point my daughter realized she was on the path toward death, but decided she wanted to live life. It was a changing point for her. It didn’t change all at one, and she still fights for the life she’s living, but she would say the battles are worth it. Please look for reasons to keep going. There are bits of beauty in the midst of all pain.

Would you like to read through Rewrite together here? There’s a lot of good info in the book. We could chat about what you read here. Let me know. No pressure.

Thinking about you today~


I’m not doing so well today and i’ll think about the Rewrite


It’s been a few days since I checked in with you…How are you doing?


Hey, i’ve been doing ok i’ve just been sick for the past few days