Thinking and thinking

i just wish my brain could stop thinking. it makes me so sad, i dont want to be anywhere and i just dont know what to do.


I can relate to this feeling. I often just want to disappear when I am going through a tough time. When you can’t relax and you keep replaying things in your mind… it is exhausting.
Sending relaxing thoughts your way.

same goes towards you

Depression and sadness can be a tough battle. I know. It can try to consume our minds and brains and tell us lies that we begin to believe and then we fall apart where it’s hard to get back up.

I see you my friend. And I just read another one of your posts so I can see that you are hurting and having a hard time. I really think you should try to reach out to someone. So they can offer you some guidance and understanding.

Sometimes we just need that safe place like a therapist that can help us set small goals for ourselves to move forward. Even if you can’t access a therapist, setting tiny goals to work on to thrive towards the bigger goals you want for yourself can be a huge help.

What sort of things make you happy my friend? What are some things you are passionate about and enjoy? What would you like to see yourself doing? What do you hope for? And what are some little goals that are reasonable and achievable for you that you can do to help get yourself those things?

For me, I enjoy painting and creating. I use these as an outlet to keep my mind busy in a healthy way, away from my depression and anxiety. I use YouTube tutorials to better help learn and grow.

What makes YOU happy? What are some things that you can do to get through these dark feelings that you are fighting?

I know this battle. I face it everyday. You are not alone my friend. I’m sorry. I truly hope you can find some inner peace and something that can help you through this. I know how hard it can be to go at it alone. We’re here. And we care.

Much love

  • Kitty

i see a therapist, we are working on it but i recently have felt as though im heading downhill vs improving. i like swimming, that relief as my head falls under the water. i have lost so many passions. ive recently started reading again, which helps, i can just get lost. i use to draw but now, no matter whaat i do, i hate it. i want to finish school and become a sexual offence lawyer, or something with the brain.
i just hope to become content with who i am, and my life. i know its all achievable with the right mindset but i need to figure out how to get there. its a lot easier said then done.
im glad you have something that keeps your mind busy, that is a positive thing.

i am struggling to find what makes me happy. i know my friends do but right now i dont have many who do. temporarily boys make me happy but thats stupid…
my music generally keep me happy, and peacful.
on a nice warm sunny day i like to just sit, sometimes read but other times just sit with my earphones in.

i wish to make myself happy one day.
i need to figure out how to get there. i have no yet discovered this.

i genuinely appreciate you writing back to me and taking time out of your day to do this. it feels good to know someone cars.
thank you

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Oh, well that’s good! I’m glad that you are seeing a therapist. I know there can be moments where things still feel like they are escalating and going down hill, but that’s part of why there is a therapist there and places like this. To help guide you and support you as you figure out your path and get your footing.

Swimming is a great way to escape for a little while! I hope that you continue to do that then! It’s important to do things that we enjoy and help us feel good. Its a really good release.

As an artist, I understand the hate when you are working on something. Too often I become frustrated with my work. I try to finish it anyway and usually come to appreciate it. And sometimes I just have to come back to it later. Ive been dipping into acrylic paints. There are a lot of really cool step by step tutorials on youtube. I also do perlering. Which is a really relaxing form of creating.

I love that you want to be a sexual offense lawyer. That would be really neat. I’ve always been a huge advocate for sexual harassment awareness.

Sometimes it takes time to become content with who we are and in life. I know I am still trying to get there myself. It takes time and patience. But we can get there, my friend. You’re right, it’s a lot easier said than done. But this is why it’s important to sit down and ask ourselves what we want. What do we want to see ourselves doing in 5 years? Or in the long run, what are some things you want to do? Where do you want to go? And then make really small reasonable and realistic goals that you can achieve to help yourself move towards those bigger goals. This is my current process. Knocking out small goals that help me get to the bigger goals even if it takes time. The point is, we are working towards it. We all work at our own pace and do not need to compare ourselves to the pace of others. Or we end up hurting ourselves.

I know what makes me happy. My art. Creating. Doing for others. Giving to others. Volunteering and making a difference. Spreading love and kindness. I have a huge passion to bring compassion into this world where there isn’t always much.

Surely you know of some things that make you happy and bring you joy. You should think about it for a moment and list 3 -5 things that really make you happy. Something you feel passionate about. What makes you like the idea of becoming a sexual offense lawyer? You say “Something with the brain” So what makes you want that?

It’s not stupid that boys make you happy. At all. We all seek and want companionship. That’s a normal and natural thing. Not stupid.

Music is also a good thing. I listen to a lot of different types of music depending on how Im feeling. I try to stay away from anything angry. I enjoy a lot of Post Rock. I enjoy bands like Mogwai, God Is An Astronaut, Explosions In The Sky, This Will Destroy You, Mono. I also enjoy really calm instrumental music or really chill electronic/trance music. Nothing heavy. Something laid back.

So see you DO have things that make you happy. These are really great things. And things you can turn to when you feel like everything is going down hill. Use these things to help you re-center and find your calm mind. This is how I use my art.

You can make yourself happy. I hope and wish for that too. For you and myself. We can get there. With time, patience with ourselves and baby steps. We can get there.

You will get there my friend. I believe in you. And like I said before, we are here for you. We will love and embrace you as you are. No judgement if you ever need a safe place. We are all hurting and struggling in our own ways and all just trying to help each other in our separate journeys of healing and self discovery.

I hear you. And youre welcome. Of course. Im glad to take the time to help someone and just be a friend. Sometimes we all need that. I know I do!


yeah seeing a therapist i enjoy seeing really does help.

im away at the moment and where im staying has a pool so im spending a lot of time there, even though its only in the moment i feel better, my brain . stops for even that little amount of time and for a split second im at peace.

when im back home i might begin to draw and maybe paint again, what is perlering? i think you are right, i need to leave my work and come back later, i also agree with the step to steps. instead of coming up with ideas i use to draw things either off the internet or things infront of me and that makes me a bit less angry with my work.

yeah im so not a feminist but im so into like standing up for rape victims or you know sexual abuse victims. because i know how they are feeling that helps me understand a little more, obviously im still young so this could change but for now i just want to do something around that. ive found and bought an $11 book about healing and coping with sexual abuse with stories from survivors, written by survivor themselves.

i know it will take time, i just wish i was aware of when things will get better. you are truly wise, i like how you think and how you get through your days. im all with you on bringing compassion into this nasty world. i just need to figure out a way to balance my selflessness with me respecting myself, how to balance caring for everyone around me but also myself.

my best friends make me truly happy, one at the moment in particular.
nature, star, sunsets make me happy.
long car journeys with music playing make me happy.
writing sometimes makes me happy.
definitely swimming freely does.
and honestly a certain boy does but he also makes me very sad.

i just wish i wasn’t so reliant on boys to make me happy, i wish they just added to my happiness.

im listening to your music suggestions right now, and they are all really good. i have this playlist with more just chill songs and it keeps me cal, i use it to keep me calm more so.

i believe in you too, thank you so so much for your words and writing back again. i feel safe and comfortable talking to you and i guess anyone here.

talk to me if you need !


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A place with a pool sounds amazing! Vacation and temporary get aways are great for mental health. It may only last a little while but sometimes that’s all we need to reset our minds and mental health. It allows for us to just relax and enjoy ourselves. It’s healthy. I’m glad that you are able to do that!

Drawing and painting is cool! What kind of paints do you use? Water colors, acrylic or oil? Or maybe a little of all? I’ve been enjoying learning acrylics. You asked what perlers are. They are melting beads. I make keychains and magnets out of beads and then iron them together. It’s just something for fun. I recently made a bunch of keychains and magnets for Heart Support.

You don’t have to be a feminist to advocate for sexual abuse and harassment. Both male and females deal with it on a daily basis anyway. It’s a great thing to fight for and raise awareness (:

And it’s true about that balance. We really have to look out for ourselves as much as other people. It can be easy to fall in a cycle of over extending ourselves but neglecting our own physical and mental needs. Definitely be aware of that. It’s great to care and do for others. But a lot of us tend to over look our own needs. Sometimes people do it because they carry guilt when putting their self first and that’s something that shouldn’t be a thing. Never feel guilty for looking out for you even if someone may not like it.

It sounds like you have a lot of things that make you happy . And that’s good. It’s important to embrace those things when we are struggling. Take a step back and absorb them. It’s good that you have a friend that you can rely on and feel good around! As far as the boy, what about him makes you sad? And is it something you should be cautious about?

I’m glad you’re testing out the music. I have a lot of different links to different types of music. Some soft and calm. Some more chill trance. Some low key good for studying and reading. If you ever would like a list to browse. Let me know.

I’m always glad to share insight and encouragement with someone. Over all, it sounds like you have a lot of good things around you. Hopefully those help.

I’m glad you feel safe. That’s the goal. For people to have a safe place to open up.

You matter! We care

  • Kitty

yes its lovely here, we come here every year so its also so normal and comfortable.

acrylic or oil more but i havent in . so long, when im back home im planning to it into it again, you have inspired me. oh wow that sounds so nice, i bet you are good too!

i need to find that balance, i dont feel guilty but i just dont know how to care for myself honestly.

yes well me and the boy arent together anymore which makes me miss him, even though we talk its nothing like we use to. yeah i just sometimes forget these things that make me happy.

i would love a list! i love all of music especially ones like you have given me.

thank you so so much <3

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Oooh. I can understand why that makes you sad then. Just be gentle with yourself friend. Make sure it’s not hurting you more than helping you.

I’ll put together a list of a variety of different types of music/songs/genres that I enjoy and send it your way later when I’m able to get on the computer. :heart:

thank you <3 no rush just whenever you can

Hi friend. I meant to do this already. But there’s been a bit of a crisis in my life that has me pretty distraught. So I haven’t been on the computer yet.

But, until I can recover and resolve the current problem. I do have this link for you.

Music, Meditation & Resources

The thread is locked now and can’t be edited anymore. But there are some music lists, meditative audio and other things in there than can be used. A couple links may be broke now. Like for the books.

So feel free to browse those. See if any help. I may not be on the wall for a few days. Depends on how things play out with the current problem I’m having.

Be well friend

oh no what has happened!!

take your time, its ok.

my thoughts are of you, i hope everything figures out

talk to me if you would like <33

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