This burn out is hitting hard

Lately, I have been questioning what I am doing in life. I wish I had it all figured out but I don’t. I am constantly spinning around in circles in my professional life and in my personal life. One mistake after the next. Mistakes happen. Yes. But my job is unforgiving at times. And I sometimes can’t breath from all the pressure of it… I thought by now, (I am newly 30) I would be thriving in a career I love and either married or as good as.
I am neither thriving in my job and I have the worst test in men. My parents constantly think I am in one crisis from the next (the irony is my degree is crisis intervention). What is my purpose? To love? To be loved? I need a break from my job and from my thoughts but I can’t do either unfortunately at the moment.
I just keep spinning hoping to find clarity and hoping it’s not always going to be this way.


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