This feeling never goes away

Hi I just need to get this off my chest. For the past few weeks I’ve been struggling to keep my head high. Trying not to cave into my old habits. Last week I had the worst panic attack I had in awhile. I don’t remember much. But I just remember everything was like crumbling around me n I couldn’t move or do anything. It basically took alot out of me. And not to mention it was in middle at my cooking job. I’m glad I finished the shift but man those suck. I also had another bad panic attack a few days ago. And it was pretty bad aswell. I just want these to end. Onto of that being depressed. Just feel really hopless right now. Like my life has no meaning. My state of mind right now is in shambles. Please don’t let my other side of my mind take over


I’m right there with you, life just fucking a lot time. I’m glad you were able to finished your shift. Treat yourself, it important to have self compassion. Hang in there friend.


It’s one of those negative feedback loops, where anxiety leads to depression and depression leads to anxiety. Sometimes it helps to remind yourself that it is an episode, and will pass. Are you on medication for anxiety? Is there anything about what you are doing or thinking that leads to anxiety?

You mentioned old habits. Did your old habits lead to anxiety? Were your old habits a response to anxiety? Has something changed, or are you expecting a change that is making you feel anxious? Being overly tired can lead to anxiety.

All lives have meaning. Life’s purpose and meaning can be chosen.

If you are on medication, maybe it needs to be adjusted. If you’re not a medication, maybe you would benefit from it. One thing that helps with a mind that is in shambles, is meditation. It doesn’t need to involve a formal ritual. You can just clear the mind while being in a comfortable and quiet place. Relaxing music also helps.

I’m glad you’re here. Reaching out while in a troubling state of mind is admirable.


Hey there @magicjack2000

So sorry you are going through this vicious cycle of anxiety lately. I know it is exhausting both mentally and physically because the adrenaline spikes of an panic attack. I have a family member who struggles/struggled with panic attacks and there are several things they have used as tools to get through those moments.

  • touching on an small object like a stone or bottle cap
  • circular breathing
  • medication - both daily use and one time use medication prescribed by doctor
  • therapy - CBT therapy helped the most and talking through those moments to be able to overcome the panic.

I think it is equally important to take care of yourself every day so that you are at your best in these challenging circumstances, for example making sure you are getting enough sleep, water, healthy food, and exercise(even a walking break while at work can do wonders on your mind).

I hope you can get through, please be kind to yourself and know that it can, and does get better.

Take care/Mish


From: twixremix (Discord)

hey magicjack! thank you for being here in the heartsupport community. the response wings shared is spot on on everything. panic and anxiety attacks are definitely draining in the moment and long after. have you given any thought to addressing these concerns with your doctor? also, what are some grounding techniques that have worked for you in the past? for me, grounding techniques (engaging all senses, breathing exercises) and healthy distractions help me the most during times of great anxiety. would any of these benefit you the next time you find yourself in this situation?wishing you all the best in your journey and please know that i along with your entire heartsupport community is here for you always. love, twix


Sometimes I find doing a little check to ground myself helps! I don’t know if you might find it helpful, but it’s one that I think a few people go to
The senses one where you take time to list five things you can see. Look at their details and take them in.
Five things you can hear. I love the sound of birds, maybe the sound of something moving in the grass or a mower ect.
Five things you can smell- maybe you can just sniff the air and smell them, but maybe you’re inside and you realise you can smell something familiar like a perfume or the smell of clean linen.
And five things you can feel around you.

It helps me to centre back to the space around me when I start to feel anxious or overwhelmed.

Maybe you can find some other grounding techniques that will help you when you start to feel that way.
Im really sorry you’ve had to feel that kind of anxiety and stress and I do hope that you are safe.


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