This is going to seem pointless and cliche

A few months ago the boyfriend ihad for over a year dumped me because i was moving across the state. I completely understand why he did it and i dont blame him for that but the whole time we were together he kept saying we would deal with the distance and be fine. I had my doubts at first but he made me believe we could actyually make it. Two days before i left we hung out for the last time and right before i left he started crying saying he couldnt do the long distance. He kept apoligizing and i said it was okay and comforted him while i was breaking. He completely hurt me the worst that ive ever dealt with. A few eeks later he started texting me wanting to be friends then i found out thropugh a mutual friend that he had messed around with a girl that i knew a few days before he texted me. He said he was kinda forced into it but i dont really know what to believe. Then he started talking about this girl i used to be friends with and how he and her liked each other but he didnt know if he wabnted to go out with her. i tried being supportive but i didnt want to think about him bein with a nother girl so soon after the breakup. he completely destroyed me and then he wanted my opinion on if he should go out with her. I swallowed my feelings and said he should, so he did now they are dating. I feel like he never really cared about me as much as he says he did and still does.

It’s possible that he didn’t care about you that much. I’ve had an ex move on from me just as quickly and it’s an awful feeling. It makes you feel worthless and that you never meant anything to the other person. You have my empathy.

Long distance relationships are not a good idea. Just the feeling of not being able to be around your significant other is crushing. And it’s impossible to know if they’re being faithful. I’ve had a long distance girlfriend tell me she cheated multiple times, and my father actually went through the same thing when he was my age.

The situation of the distance combined with the fact that he got with someone else so quickly are not good signs. It was also extremely inconsiderate of him to ask YOU about him dating other girls. He’s obviously not someone you should have been with for the long haul. Since you’re moving, hopefully that will allow you to have a fresh start and put the heartbreak behind you.

I hope your pain heals soon,

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