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This is gonna be my first christmas without my Dad. Its tough for the whole fam. My daughters first Christmas this year too. We’ll do it for her


I can’t imagine it’s been easy having so many people around you who are in celebration mode and having your dad not there. I do hope that you were able to honour his memory and enjoy seeing your daughter have this experience for the first time. We can hold the memory of them and pass them on to the next generation.


Hi friend, thank you for sharing. i am sorry to hear about your loss, my toughts are with you and your family.
its always hard when you loose a loved one, sooner or later we all grief, and we all have to handle our lives
without them. especially christmas time should be a time with family, there its harder a bit more. i lost some
family members over the years, and from time to time you remind yourself of them. remember the good
times you shared, and share those moments. also to see a child experience this, is something beautiful.
enjoy that time, every second of it, you deserve that. i wish you all the best for this time and the future, for you,
your daughter and your loved ones. you matter ! you are loved and you are worth of all the good things in
this world. feel hugged my friend :purple_heart: