This is it- CW: Sexual Assault

From hirubes: goodbye, none of my friends are online. so none will say goodbye.

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From chatbavard: What’s going on?=========

From hirubes: so much==================

From hirubes: too much=================

From chatbavard: That must be overwhelming

From hirubes: that’s it. thats exactly it

From chatbavard: You may feel something is going to explode or you’re about to fall in a cliff

From hirubes: i’m currently falling====

From hirubes: (metaphor)===============

From chatbavard: This feeling is really scary and uncomfortable

From chatbavard: And It’s okay to hate it and to be scared

From hirubes: i’ve known this feeling for years

From hirubes: I’m not scared, i’m aware.

From hirubes: i was beaten as a child, and gay bashed in school. now i’ve sorted my shit out and i fell in love, it was going well.

From hirubes: until it wasn’t.=========

From chatbavard: Ouch=====================

From chatbavard: Do you wanna talk about that?

From chatbavard: I mean the relationship==

From hirubes: thanks guys==============

From hirubes: idk======================