This is just me venting

I am so upset. I have a small local DND group and a few mounts ago the comic book store we played at on Saturdays shut down, so since I’m forced to go to church I asked the pastor at my church if we could play at the church on Saturday nights since no one is there anyway, the answer was yes. Now, we’ve been playing DND every week once a week for over 2 mounts, but the church I have to go to shares the building with another church that gathers on Sunday mornings since my church gathers on Sunday nights. But, a couple days ago we where having are local DND session when a member of the church we share the building with stops buy to drop off some chairs and sees me as well as 6 other people at the church, and he got really upset saying we couldn’t be there and that we needed a chaperon. (I understand being concerned for the safety of 7 teenagers, but that being said everyone who I play with is very responsible, not to mention that a coulpe people are somewhat certified in first aid, and I am completely certified in first aid as well as how to use an AED and parents are just a phone call away) I talked to the guy and he said it was all fine and just a misunderstanding from what he saw, so I thought it was all gonna be okay. But no. Turns out that he told the pastor of his church and his pastor told the lese holder of the building, who has now threatened to KICK my Church out of the building if there isn’t someone 21+ on sight at all times. So now I have to look for another place to run my DND group, because I don’t want to be the reason my church gits kicked out of the building.
I just don’t know what to do or where we will go.

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Around where I am locally we have a lot of small gamer shops that have space for DND, Magic, and other board and cars game events. Some have room not just for tournaments but also for causal play. I would browse your local area for any cars shops and game shops to see if anyone has any space open for game play. Or even hosts their own session. Maybe you can play there!

Or maybe one of the parents would be willing to let you guys host it at their house? Maybe all of you can trade off hosting at each other’s house. Maybe each of you can bring snacks to share. All go in together.

It’s a thought. I’m sorry your group got kicked out. That sucks.

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